Thursday, 11 January 2018

2018 Hopes & Dreams

2018 Hopes and Dreams 1's me. Yep I'm back, again; along with all the other bloggers that are trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon now it's a new year. 

And what better way to kick start my blog again then sharing some of my hopes and dreams for 2018. 

2018 Hopes and Dreams 2

Last year my blog took a back seat; this year I just want it to be consistent. I'm not setting myself a schedule because I found that I fell out of love with writing when I was forced to. So I just want to pick up the laptop and type when I feel the words needing to come out with no nagging thoughts that I'm going to slip out of the blog loop because I didn't post every Monday. But with that I don't want to do what I did last year and write a grand total of 4 blog posts! So I will be planning out content in my notebook and reading other blogs to keep my content fresh and churning out.

Instagram is my favourite platform; despite the fact that the developers never listen to what we actually want it to do. I love how quick it is to share a snapshot of your life and interact with other people. With that I want to up my photography; I want to become best pals with the manual settings as well as more with other blogger photographers to get some great out and about shots for the gram. 

I think part of the reason I let the blog fall to the wayside is because I feel like I've actually outgrown Lola's Little Wonders and think after nearly 5 years of blogging it's time to send it to Primary School. So a re brand and refresh is something that I've actually started working on; a name has been decided as well as a theme and now I'm just waiting for payday to hit to purchase a few things and we will be relaunching.

2018 Hopes and Dreams 3

Towards the end of last year I started my own freelance make up artist business; just a little something to keep me busy as well as use up all that make up I buy. It's taken off quite well and I've had bookings nearly every weekend bar one since starting in October. This year I would love to see my little business grow even more; to be fully booked every weekend as well as perhaps get a few wedding bookings in the diary.

Now this sounds vague, just writing do more; but I mean do more in a lot of aspects. Do more with my free time; be that writing on here, go exploring in London, read a book. Do more saving of my money; cause last year I was a big pile of shit at it. Do more with my friends; like hanging out or planning day trips and holidays. Just basically do more!

I've had a few people already say to me that this year is my year and do you know what I actually believe it! I want to make it my year! I turn 30 in seven months and want to look back and think fuck me did I have a good time in my 30th year on earth. I want to enjoy each day as it comes as well as say yes to things that would generally scare me. I know I'm a walking talking cliche but sometimes they are the best!

2018 Hopes and Dreams 4

I'm really hoping to make all these hopes and dreams a reality; I haven't called them goals as generally I end up not reaching them a beating myself up about it. Hopes and dreams sounds more aspiring to me and means if I reach them, I actually reached my dreams!

Let me know if you've got any tips for keeping your dreams on track or what your hopes & dreams are for 2018.


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