Friday, 1 September 2017

September Goals

September for me always reminds me of the new school year, a chance to start a fresh and get back into the mindset that a new year brings. 

With that I thought I would share my goals for September with you all, so I can ease myself back into blogging once again. Cause lets face it I've been shit this year.

- Blog More
I used to be in such a strict routine with my blog and YouTube channel that content was able to go out more frequently; heck when I was traveling America I managed to get two posts up a week. I've just got lazy; so I've now penciled out an evening a week to spend on my blog; be that writing or taking photos!

- Start Exercising 
With another little holiday looming closer as well as two already booked for next year; I need to get my body in shape. I'm starting to get a little down about my figure so the only way to fix that is to exercise. Boot Camp I'm coming for you on Tuesday!

- Cook At Least Three Meals From Scratch A Week
I love cooking; however I find that I always go down the easy route of just taking something out the freezer and putting it in the oven. Now that I'm trying to eat better I feel like cooking more meals from scratch means I know exactly what I am eating.

- Have Sunday Night Pamper Sessions
I used to always have a bath and face mask on a Sunday night and it set me up for the week ahead. I want to get back into this routine of chilling out with some candles, a good lush bath bomb and a hair mask; all whilst catching up on YouTube or reading my book.

- Improve My Instagram Engagement
I've been really trying with my Instagram lately; I have such a love hate relationship with it but when I do put the time and effort into it I see results. I'm edging closer to 1k followers and I'm just like come on I can beat this stupid algorithm and get the results I want. So leave your instagram links below and I will go check them out.

And that's my goals for September! Here's hoping I can keep to them!

What's your number one goal for September?

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