Thursday, 21 September 2017

My Cosy Night In Essentials

Like every other "Basic Blogger" out there I LOVE AUTUMN!!! It is definitely my favourite season as I love getting cosy in the evenings with a few essentials to help me wind down after a long day.

I thought I would share with you some of my faves to curl up with in today's blog post.

Nothing sets me up more for a cosy night in than lighting all the candles; particularly scented ones! There is just something about them that just adds a depth to the room making the world outside just disappear. Once you get all the lights off and if there's rain falling on the window; it's perfection!

Once you've got your best PJs on, I love to throw on my favourite jumper to really get cosy! At the moment I am loving Primark's sweater range that starts from £5; they are super soft and actually really warm.

So you've set the mood in the room and got your favourite jumper on; now time for some Netflix! I love watching a good drama/crime series during the colder months as I feel like I can invest more time into watching them. Currently I'm watching Power and I can't wait for Riverdale to start again next month.

Why is it that a cup of tea can solve anything? I'm instantly comforted by a cup of tea and can really relax; especially when it's chilly outside.

I also love to put a face mask on if I know I'm going to be having a night in; it really helps me to unwind and knowing that I'm looking after my skin as well is a bonus. I'm really loving this L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask currently as it gently exfoliates also.

Along with all of that I also advise lots of blankets, some wine and perhaps even some chocolate and boy have you got yourself a cosy night in then!

What are your essentials for a cosy night in? Let me know in the comments.


Until Next Time...

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