Wednesday, 27 September 2017

INSTAGRAM: Tips To Improve Your Following

Instagram is something I feel like the whole blogging community is currently struggling with! Since the algorithm was put in, it seems even harder to see the people you want to see in your timeline as well as getting likes and growing your followers.

I started to put some simple steps into place to see if they would help my feed as well as finding those smaller accounts that deserve as much love as those with a higher following. Guess what? It’s working! So I thought I’d share with you my top tips to make your Insta grow. 

This is key! You will only ever get back what you put in. I use my journey to work as time to scroll through Instagram to like others photos, comment on them as well as reply to any comments on my photos. The more you converse with others on here the more likely they will give those likes back and hit that follow button. 

People follow your feed because they like the content they are seeing; so don’t stop! I make sure that I have a backlog of photos that will keep my feed going and I won’t be panicking that I don’t have anything to post. 

This has been a key one for me in regards to finding new accounts to follow; especially those accounts with a smaller following! Just a simple tweet now and again asking people who their favourite Instagram accounts are right now, can open a whole door of new accounts to follow and give love to.

This is a tricky one, I know some people who don't like how "false" Instapods can be however since creating my own Instapod and being in another few I've definitely noticed a difference. It's instilled the routine of commenting, liking others photos into my Instagram routine as well as ensuring I reply to comments on my photos. If you are looking at somewhere to start to improve your following then I would suggest looking into this. If you are wanting to join an Instapod, please let me know and I can add you to one/create another.

Find an account you love and think it deserves more love? We’ll share it on your instastories! I try to do this once a week and often get replies from the people I’ve mentioned telling me their following has grown or from people saying thanks for introducing them to new accounts. It’s nice to give back and spread the love a little more. Also with that views on Stories seem to be a lot higher than on Snapchat as well as you being able to give a direct link to their profile.

Now this is a tricky one; I know some people go to town on sticking to a theme but personally I can’t stick to it as I will post things from all different aspects of my life. However I do stick to the same filter and contrast settings on VSCO for all my photos, so they look a bit more uniform; as I know this draws me into clicking the follow button on new accounts. 

You know that heart button that shows your notifications; well if you swipe left you will see what the people you follow have been liking and commenting. I love to use this to engage with new accounts and see photos from people I may have missed. If you find a new account, leave them a like and a comment but do this on a few of their posts so they don’t think your a bot. 

So you keep complaining that you’re missing posts from your favourite Instagrammers; well you can turn notifications on for them by just clicking the three little dots in the top right hand corner and then turn on post notifications. Meaning each time they post something new you will know; go give it a like and a comment that way you won’t miss it. 

Since using the above tips/rules I've seen my following skyrocket by over 300 followers in the space of around 2 weeks. I do solely believe that it is down to putting as much effort into commenting/liking/shoutouts for other accounts that I've received the effort back.

I love Instagram and even though they refuse to bring back the chronological timeline, I will not be put off from using the social media platform. I love the visuals and creativity that one square box can bring and tell you so much about one person.

If you do love Instagram and wish it would go back to how it use to be, then try adopting some of the above into your Instagram routine and you should start to notice a difference. I by all means am no expert on the matter however I have seen outstanding results due doing the 8 points I've made.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about Instagram in general as well as your Instagram links.

Until Next Time...

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