Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why I Needed A Blogging Break

So remember that post I wrote way back in January saying how I wanted to be better at my blog; yeah I failed at that completely. However I felt like I needed to take a step back and adjust to the new surroundings I was in. You see I moved out of my Mum's for good this time, not like when I went to Uni and knew I would be coming back. This time it's permanent (here's hoping!) and I needed to get used to being an even more independent person than before.

Every time I sat down to try and brainstorm blog ideas, I just hit a wall! Like everything was just that awful grey colour that no one likes; I started comparing my blog to others that had been around for roughly the same time as mine and I just didn't want to open my laptop. So I thought fuck it, I'm not blogging for the sake of blogging because I'll get forgotten about. I want to find that fun 2014 vibe when I first started this blog and not just keep churning out content so people knew I was still there.

Then a couple of weeks ago, after I realised that I'd been sat of my sofa for nearly three hours binge watching Teen Mom, I knew I needed to push myself a bit more than I've previously done. So I decided to pick up my vlog camera and give weekly vlogging another shot! And it's started to give me that kick up the butt I need.

I'm starting to feel creative again and not wanting to spend my evenings binging Netflix (don't worry girl will still have those odd days where Netflix is bae) and be outside photographing things; writing about my life so when I'm grey and old I can look back on my 20s and see what I did.

However I can feel myself straying away from beauty blogging; I don't enjoy reading beauty reviews and I'm finding myself buying less make up. I needed this break to realise that I prefer reading general life stuff; shit that people want to get off their chest, what cool restaurant they went to last night and how life isn't perfect 24/7. So I've decided to go down the more lifestyle route in regards to future posts. Don't get me wrong an odd beauty post may pop up now and again but like I said in January I what this blog to be more me.

So what did I learn from having a break for the last 5 months....other than Riverdale is my new obsession on TV? That take me time is okay; it's good for my MH as well as getting the creative juices flowing inside me again. It gave me time to focus on nailing my job more, nailing my living situation as well as just me as a general human being.

Now I'm back and I'm ready to write; I'm not saying I'm sticking to a schedule cause I feel like that's too much pressure but I've got things I want to share and I'm ready to share them with you. So I'm going to shut up now as all I've done is ramble on for ages about shit you probably aren't that fussed about!

What do you need a break from?



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