Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lifestyle | 5 Good (Well Sort Of) Things #6

I'm not going to lie and say this week has been good; in all honesty it's been a bit of a shit show to put it politely. What with Donald Trump actually becoming President on Wednesday morning; to my Nan having to go to hospital on Sunday, as she caught a bug going round her nursing home. By last night I was just ready to sleep for a week and go into hibernation.

However there was a few little things that did put a smile on my face and made me realise I'm quite lucky to have so many lovely people in my life.

1. Booking A Holiday
We all know I love a holiday; if I had enough holidays at work as well as cash flow I would go on a trip every month. These last two years I've been on quite action packed holidays that are non stop sightseeing and go go go. So I knew that next year I just wanted your traditional beach holiday, where I can lay by the pool with a good book during the day and then get dressed up in the evenings. So Friday, Emma and I finally made a decision to book Gran Canaria for a week in August. I CANNOT WAIT! It's all inclusive as well so I can drink all the cocktails and eat all the food!

2. Friday Night Hang Out
Friday evening a few of us headed round to my friend's Amie and Matt's to have a takeaway and have a chat about our trip to Wales in 2 weeks. We all had a giggle about Donald Trump as well as eating a delicious Indian; it was just a nice cosy evening.

3. Saturday Night Out
Saturday evening I got glammed up and headed out with my two oldest friends from school for a night of drinking and dancing. It was so nice just to catch up with them both as well as have a few drinks. We ended up in Dirty Martini which is one of my favourite places; however a girl did throw up on my foot when I was sitting at booth! So that wasn't too great!

4. The Missing
I'm loving this TV show and last week's episode did not disappoint! We have finally, potentially found out who the abductor/killer is and I was so shocked! I didn't even know who they were at first; however I'm still uncertain if it is definitely him. Only 3 more episodes left to get through.

5. Ordering The KoKo Kollection From Kylie Cosmetics
We all know I love The Kardashians and my fave is Khloe; so when I saw that she was releasing her own collection of liquid lipsticks/glosses with Kylie I had to get my hands on one! I stayed up till 11pm on Wednesday which is a big deal for me as I'm usually asleep by 10pm on weeknights. I kept hitting that refresh button and managed to bag myself one, which I was shocked at as they sold out within 6 minutes! I can't wait for it to arrive now; there will definitely be a review once I get my hands on them.

This week I'm hoping for things to pick up a little; my Nan is back at her nursing home however we're not out of the woods yet. I'm also off to dinner tonight with Emma and our two besties from Trek America. Plans for the rest of the week may involve some cocktails at the weekend as well as a little trip to Dagenham market.

What was your highlight from last week? Any exciting plans for this week?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

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