Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lifestyle | 5 Good Things #5

Can you believe I've actually done 5 of these Good Things posts now! Woo go me!

Lase week was actually a rather quiet one; other than Saturday evening but that said still a good one. Sometimes it's good to not have much planned and just chill out.

1. Getting Tickets To See The Weeknd.
So Monday morning I woke up and saw that The Weeknd had announced he was going on tour, my friend Nicola and I had been talking about how much we would love to see him in concert as we reckon he would be quite good live. So Wednesday morning Nic actually managed to get us tickets to go see him in March with our other pal Stacey. Now to get learning how to rap all the songs!

2. Baking Time
Saturday morning was spent baking Catherine Wheel cookies & Salted Caramel Toffee Apples for our Firework Party we have every year. I love baking and find it very calming; however this was a bit more of challenge as I had to get swirls into the dough and to be honest the looked a bit shit after being cooked! However my Toffee Apples looked amazing and the caramel tasted pretty good too!

3. Firework Party
Saturday evening we had our annual Firework Party; my mum had made 5 pots of Irish Stew in as many slow cookers. We also had hot dogs and curry; as well as a tonne of drink. I ended up with a fuzzy head and passed out in bed at 1am! However it was a super fun night; even if I don't remember any of the fireworks!

4. The Crown
So Friday evening I got home and put my pjs on straight away as I was so eager to get cosy and watch Netflix's latest offering The Crown. It's the most expensive TV show ever made and it's my dream show! I'm obsessed with The Queen and find that whole world really interesting. So this show is just perfect for me. I'm already on episode 7 and I can't wait for all the other seasons to follow.

5. Hangover Nando's
Sunday my hangover was at a new level - so I decided to head to Nando's to get a takeaway to see if that would cure me. I haven't had Nando's in ages and it was good! Apart from the fact I can't eat gluten anymore so garlic bread was a no no for me; however all the halloumi and butterfly chicken was consumed.

This week I'm starting to get in the festive spirit as I'm off to the launch of Intu Lakeside Christmas Market and Ice Skating Rink; as well as I'm off out on Saturday night with my best buddies from school for a night on the town!

What was the best thing for you last week?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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