Monday, 24 October 2016

Lifestyle | Bloom by Estee Lalonde

There's a lot of books by YouTuber's out there to read; however personally none of them have really grabbed me enough to pick up and buy as they seemed more aimed at a younger audience. However when I heard that Estee Lalonde was releasing a book, it actually got me excited.

Estee; or known previously as Essie Button, has brought out her first book entitled Bloom. And boy it's a good'un! Bloom captures all aspects of Estee's life from childhood, moving to England for true love as well as all the other stuff you would expect from a Beauty YouTuber/Blogger.

What I love most about the book is the style of writing; it feels exactly how Estee would talk to you and like you are finding out new secrets/tips from one of your oldest friends. The photography in the book is also stunning and really captures who Estee is; as well as making  you want to up your own Instagram game.

The best part of the book to me, is the section entitled Love. Here Estee gives details of how Aslan and her met, as well as deciding to make the big move from Canada to the UK in order to follow her heart. Estee also gives a few tips on what she's learned about love which I can totally relate to.

I actually got the chance to attend Estee's Q&A Session in Waterstones Tottenham Court Road the other week and it was a super chilled laid back evening. Estee truly comes across how she does in her videos; there's no falseness about her at all. I also managed to get my book signed and have a little chat with Estee which just filled my heart with happiness!

If you're looking for a great read that also makes a great coffee table book, cause that cover is just dreamy! Then definitely pick up a copy of Bloom.

Have you read Bloom? What did you think? What is your opinion on bloggers/youtubers releasing books?
Let me know in the comments.

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