Sunday, 16 October 2016

Lifestyle | 5 Good Things #2

1. Driving My Car
So this week I've been let loose on the roads on my own! It's been strange as I've got so used to having someone next to me telling me what turning to take etc. but I've really enjoyed the freedom it's giving me. However as I type this at 10pm Saturday evening I'm waiting to go pick my Mum up from her night out. I wont lie though and say it's been plain sailing; I think I've pretty much stalled my car on every journey I've done. However I know that I need to get used to the car as it is completely different from the car I learned to drive in.

2. Getting My Hair Done
My roots have desperately needed doing for a while now; so I'm excited to finally be getting them sorted today. There is nothing better to lift your mood then getting a fresh colour and a trim. I'm not planning on getting anything drastic this time; however my fringe does need a good trim as I'm currently rocking the 90s boyband curtains look.

3. Afternoon Pub Session
Saturday afternoon I went to one of my local pub for a late lunch to celebrate my friend Murray's birthday. It was nice chilled afternoon and we sat for a good few hours eating, chatting and trying to put snapchat filters on each other without noticing.

4. TGI Friday's
Thursday night I met up with Emma and her sister Aimee to go grab some dinner. We decided on TGIs and boy it was a treat; they did two courses for £15 and it was delicious. I hadn't been to TGIs in about a year so was nice to treat myself to a super indulgent meal as well as catching up with my bestie.

5. New Vlogging Camera
So my vlogging camera broke the other week and I literally thought "shit; I don't have time to replace this right now." However I managed to collect some pennies together and got the Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ10EB. Okay it's not the fanciest of vlog cameras; but it does have a flip screen and WiFi!! Meaning I can send photos to my phone to upload to Instagram. Anyway long story short; the weekly vlogs will be back next Monday!

What's been your favourite thing from the week?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...
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