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Lifestyle | 5 Blogs You Should Read

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Even though I write a blog; I do spend a lot of my time reading other blogs as I find that this helps with my creativity and keeps me inspired daily. So I thought I would share with you 5 blogs that I'm loving lately; the ones that get me excited and all hyped up to write my own blog posts or take amazing photos for Instagram.

Jemma's blog is just full of bright colours and amazing illustrations; not only that but she writes about her general life musings (her 2am Existential Crisis post really got me in the feels) as well as beauty and other things. Jemma also runs #TheGirlGang, a supportive community for all bloggers to get involved with. Which is such a great thing to see as often the blogging community can be pulled own with negativity.

Fran's blog is what photo dreams are made of; she's really upped her game here and I love seeing her a photo diary posts from around London. There's a big mix of days out, beauty reviews and my current favourite to read is her week in lipstick posts. I also love the layout of Fran's blog which is one of the main reasons I keep coming back.

Jade With A Blog
Jade's blog is a recent find after meeting her briefly at an Intu Lakeside event in September and I'm so happy I've found it. Jade does amazing witty outfit posts; that make me want to rush off shopping instantly. As well as posting about various places in Essex; her post about The Royal Hotel in Southend has made me want to grab my pals and go for cocktails there. As well Jade's Instagram is just goals; like I don't know how she manages to do an OOTD nearly everyday. especially as I can just about dress myself each day.

Hannah Gale
Hannah's blog is my go to happy place; I know if I'm having a freak out over something I can read one of her posts and feel like I'm chatting away to an old friend. I love the mix of posts that Hannah does from her list style posts (22 Reasons Why Being In Your Late Twenties is Awesome, is one of my faves!) to her diary style writing from trips and general day to day life.

If you are looking to vent all your dating/relationship woes than Vix's blog is the one! You'll find yourself nodding away in agreement to a lot of what she writes in regards to dating; her musings post are what I find hysterical the most. Especially her latest, 10 things that make someone ghost. I have pretty much had all of them done to me; which makes me wander perhaps my dating time is up!

Have you read any of the blogs I've mentioned? Who's your favourite blog to read right now?
Let me know in the comments below.

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