Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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Recently I've felt a little out of sorts and I can't quite put my finger on what it is; I think it is probably due to the fact I've got a few "What Ifs?" happening at the moment that aren't fully finalised. Which means I'm feeling on edge a lot of the time, I would probably say at least 80% of my day.

I'm taking my driving test for the second time next week and after being so close to passing the first time, I feel pressure to pass this time round. It's mostly myself putting this pressure on as I keep thinking of the freedom that being able to drive will finally give me. I hate that I can't just go on a late night trip to McDonald's or be able to drive my friends and I on a road trip somewhere at the weekends. I just feel this impending doom that I have no control of as I know I can drive but it's up to some guy to decided that he thinks I'm safe enough to drive around freely without supervision. And as someone who suffers with anxiety this isn't something I cope with very well; it's constantly churning away at the back of my mind non stop.

Another thing that is on my mind is the prospect of moving out in November; I'm not going to say too much at the moment as I'm just waiting to finalise a few things. However I do think it's those final things that have got me like "argh what if *insert stupid thing that will never happen*". I know it will all work out and it will so much better for me mentally to have my own space instead of living at my Mum's but I hate the uncertainty of not knowing.

One final thing that probably leaves me on edge the most is my Nan. I think I mentioned it briefly in a post a while back but in April she suffered a major stroke during an operation to remove a blood clot in her leg; this has left my nan a different person to who I grew up with; she can no longer talk, walk or do anything that we take for granted on a daily basis. This is something I never thought my nan would be like and it's hard because I know I will never hear her little Irish voice again telling me that I should loose some weight or that I didn't need another top from Primark. My nan has lived with me my whole life (27 years) and the fact now that she has to live in a nursing home scares me; what if they don't look after properly, what if she can't watch the football on a Sunday afternoon because they've forgotten about her? I feel like I'm in a constant battle if I want her to be living how she is right now or if it will be better for her to pass away; which is an awful thing to think about someone you love dearly. But to be not able to walk, talk, dress, eat; I'm not sure that's a life I would want to live?

I need to take more time for me I think; a couple of weekends ago I went to Brighton to meet up with my Trek America girls and I got so drunk because I wanted to forget all these things however I got so drunk that I blacked out and made myself more anxious the next day because I couldn't remember things.

I forever feel the need to make other people happy yet I feel the most alone I have in a very long time. Something that feels alien to me, I feel like there is a puzzle piece to me missing to make me feel complete, but then do we ever feel complete fully?

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Beauty | Tarte x Styled by Hrush Eye & Cheek Palette

Palettes are a huge weakness of mine, whenever I see one I can't help but convince myself I have to buy it. So when I saw pictures of the Tarte x Styled by Hrush Eye & Cheek Palette on Instagram it was instant love as I'm a big fan of celeb make up artist Hrush Achemyan as well as Tarte products.

The palette itself comes with one blush and six eyeshadows, the formula itself is made from Amazonian Clay meaning they are super pigmented and really creamy to blend. The blush is a great coral shade that isn't to pink and looks great with some contour and glowy skin. Due to the way the powder is made it lasts for a good few hours without becoming patchy. The eyeshadows are a great mix of matte and shimmer, in simple tones ranging from gold to a warm brown to create simple everyday looks as well as vamping it up for smoky looks with the dark berry shade.

This is a great little palette, perfect if you are wanting something small to fit in your make up bag that packs a few shades to create various looks.

Have you tried the Tarte x Styled by Hrush palette? What do you think of multi use palettes?
Let me know in the comments.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Beauty | JessWrightxKISS Launch*

Last week I attended the JessWrightxKiss launch to celebrate Ex-TOWIE babe Jess Wright becoming the brand ambassador for Kiss Lashes & Impress Nails.

The event itself was held at The Soho Hotel right in the heart of Soho, just off of Dean Street, in a mega fancy hotel suite. I had a fab time at the event with Fran & Pippa; it was probably the most chilled out event I've been to in a long time. Everyone was really friendly and all the PR and Brand representatives were easy to chat to; as was Jess herself.

As you can see the products are amazing and come in an abundance! I had the Lily Lashes put on at the event by a lash pro (you can see more of this in my weekly vlog) and I really didn't want to take them off when I got in that evening.

The Lily Lashes are probably my favourite out of the bunch as they are really light and natural looking, so great for everyday use. However I can't wait to try out some of the fuller lashes like Ritzy or Peony for a night out. What's great about Kiss Lashes is that they are layered in order to make them seem more natural, which I personally think makes them appear natural when applied.

The nails that Impress and Kiss have on offer are amazing; however as I've currently got acrylics on I haven't been able to try any as of yet. I am desperate to try the Gel Fantasy nails in Painted Veil, I love the dark blue with the lighter glitter on the tips.

Both Kiss Lashes and Impress Nails are available at Boots.

Have you tried any of the lashes or nails from Kiss & Impress?
Let me know in the comments below.

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*Products within the post have been gifted for review. All views and opinions are my own.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Beauty | NYX Cosmetics Haul

Last weekend I made my monthly trip to Boots at Lakeside to pursue the make up aisles; I heard some music pumping and wonder what on earth was going on? Little did I know as what would be in front of my eyes; the biggest NYX counter I've ever seen! So of course I had to pick up a few items because I've been so desperate to try some of their products.

I've been trying to pick up a "banana" powder for ages just because the shade is meant to be great for setting your underneath eye concealer to make it brighter. The High Definition Finishing Powder is slowly becoming my favourite setting powder; the product picks up on a brush great meaning you can really set your make up into place without having to keep swirling your brush in the powder.

I also picked up the Eyeshadow Base in the shade Skintone; I had been using a concealer lately as my eyeshadow primer as I found the shading to be easier to work with. So when I saw that NYX did a primer in a skin tone shade I thought I would give it a try. Since using it this last week it's made my eyeshadow not smudge in the crease as well as making my eyeshadow stay on longer.

NYX are renowned for their lip products so I ended up going a little crazy and purchasing 4; when let's face it my lipstick/gloss/pencil collection is over flowing! I decided to get two of the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shades Istanbul & Stockholm. Instanbul is the more pink toned shade and Stockholm is the brown nude shade that I've been wearing nearly every day since it was purchased.

I also got one of the butter glosses in the shade Tiramisu; I've been loving using glosses lately so thought a nude shade gloss would be great for day to day use. Lastly I got the Lip Lingerie in Bedroom Flirt; I love the shade of this however I find the formula to be a little drying for me. Which is unfortunate as I had heard such good things about this being a dupe for the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick.

Have you tried any NYX products? What is your fave? 
Let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Beauty | Festival Ready With Boots*

There is nothing more I love than going to a festival; music, hanging with friends, amazing fashion and cider! However my favourite part of the day is getting glammed up; so went Boots sent me a "Festival Ready" kit I knew that this would come in handy when I head to Boundary Festival in ten days.

So what's in the box? Well Bourjois have repacked their cult Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in this amazing pastel tropical theme. The bronzer itself is a great matte shade, that gives you a good amount of glow and looking sun kissed whilst probably wearing a rain mac; cause let's face it is England after all! For extra long lashes the Bourjois Limited Edition Tropical Festival Volume Clubbing Mascara; I love how the packaging matches the bronzer. This mascara gives you great long lashes that could be mistaken for falshies almost.

To keep your nails looking prim and proper, because you don't want those nails chipping after setting up a tent; the Sensationail Polish to Gel Kit is your gal. This can turn your normal nail polish into that amazing gel formula, which means quick drying and no chips. It comes with it's own led lamp as well as all the essentials to give you that beauty salon gel manicure at home. You can also use the gel nail polish that Sensationail sell as well; and how amazing is this shade? Rose Gold Glitter, that's like every blogger's dream right there on your nails.

Finally something to keep in your bumbag or backpack a mini Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume; cause after hours dancing in a field and using portaloos you'll need to freshen up a little. This gem from Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite scents, it's of course quite floral but not too sweet.

P.S Head on over to my Instagram to see how you could win your own Sensational Polish to Gel Kit.

What would be in your festival ready box? What is the one thing you love about going to a festival?
Let me know in the comments below.

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*Products in this post have been sent for review; however all views and thoughts are my own.



Monday, 5 September 2016

YouTube | Weekly Vlog #1

So I've decided to give that YouTube thing another whirl; this time though just Weekly Vlogs. I've really enjoyed watching vlogs since being a judge in the Best Vlogger Category for the Blogger Blog Awards; that I thought I'd share some of my life with you all.

It's not glossy like other YouTubers; it's just me and my shitty digital camera documenting parts of my day. I do work full time as well so can't share some of what I get up to at work unfortunately. However I do have lots of fun things coming up over the next few weeks that I thought would be good to document.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed my first weekly vlog?

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beauty | Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition

When Kylie Jenner was unveiling her Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition on Snapchat; I fell in love with everything. However my bank balance didn't so I had to pick what my ultimate picks would be. I had picked out the rose gold creme eyeshadow, the mini lipkits, poppin lipgloss and the leo lipkit. However when I managed to get on the site and put the items in my basket, the creme eyeshadow and mini lipkits were sold out.

So that meant I got my hands on the Poppin' Lipgloss and Leo Lipkit; I mean I can't complain really as I did better as some others that were trying to buy some of the items.

First up Leo Lipkit; this comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a lipliner. It's a deep burgundy colour, that I would say is quite similar to MAC Rebel. The lipliner is a smooth formula that you can really apply precisely before filling in with the liquid lipstick. The formula of the lipstick is really matte and is a little drying; so definitely moisturise those lips before applying.

Poppin' gloss is probably my favourite out of all the item's I've purchased from the Kylie Cosmetics range. Its a golden shimmer gloss that is super glossy and really pigmented for a gloss. I've been wearing this quite a lot lately as it's a perfect summer gloss.

I love the packaging on this range; it really makes it stand out but still look great and in line with all the other products in the collection.

Did you manage to pick up anything in the Birthday Edition range? Let me know what you picked up or what was on your wishlist in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Beauty | Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks*

Lipsticks is something you can never have enough of, I mean there's like a million shades of nude out there to try. Once you give me a matte shade as well we are onto a winner; so these new Mega Matte Lipsticks from Seventeen are just divine.

The packaging on these beauty's is right up my street, first of all. They are super slim and give that satisfying click sound when you put the lip on. The applicator itself is slanted unlike the usual bullet shape you generally see on lippies, so would definitely recommend using a lip brush in order to apply evenly and precisely.

There are a range of 12 shades that are designed to suit different skin tones; however don't let that stop you trying out whatever shade you think suits your pout best. The shades I've picked to try out are Nude News, Looking Buff and No Corals.

Nude News is a darker pink toned shade, that on me, makes me look a little washed out in the face. However Looking Buff which is a lighter more rosy shade, that compliments my skin tone a lot better. Finally No Corals is a bright pink toned coral that looks great with a tan, making it the perfect holiday lip choice.

The formula is a little drying; however that can often be expected with some matte lipsticks from the high street; however the pigmentation and colour range makes the Mega Matte Lipsticks a top choice for me from Boots.

Have you tried any of the Mega Matte Lipsticks? Which shade is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

*Some products in the post were sent for review. However all views and opinions are my own and are honest.


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