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Lifestyle | 5 Tips To Ace A Job Interview

Job interviews, we've all had them and they can be super nerve-wrecking at times. I've found from my experience in working in recruitment for the last 9 months as well as going to a few interviews myself in the past month I've picked up some tips to ace that interview and get an offer on the table.

  • Research The Company.
Seems obvious right? But get searching and learning on the company's website to see what they are about; if they have any company values jot them down and learn them a little so you know the kind of employee they are looking for. Also take a look at the company's social media channels, you'll be able to put a voice/style to the company overall and understand them a little more. Finally have a little look on Linkedin at the person who will be interviewing you; you'll be able to see their growth within their career as well as what their duties are within the company.

  • Look Up Some Competency Based Questions Online.
Competency based questions tend to be the normal in interviews nowadays and often candidates buckle under pressure when trying to come up with a situation that encompasses the competency asked about. Google some competencies and jot down some answers/scenarios you've found yourself in that reflect the main competency asked about. This should relieve the pressure a little and not make you feel put on spot. And remember always turn a negative into a positive when asked what your weaknesses are.

  • Prepare The Night Before.
Decided on your interview outfit the night before as well as how you'll wear your hair/make up. If you turn up to the interview looking polished chances are they will take you more seriously. This will also stop you stressing out the morning of the interview and help you to remain calm and focused. Also try and get an early night, don't obsess on reading notes about the company etc. put the phone down and aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you feel refreshed you'll be more alert in the interview.

  • Get Yourself Pumped For The Interview.
This is just something I find to be fun and totally get me feeling pumped and confident for the interview. Get some feel good power tunes on, that will lift your spirit up and make you feel like you can conquer the world. I love listening to Fifth Harmony, Worth It; Demi Lovato, Confident and Britney Spears; Work Bitch before a interview or a big meeting. They make me feel empowered and ready to tackle the interview head on.

  • Have Some Questions Prepared For The End of The Interview.
This is so important! Don't ever say "No, you've answered all my questions" when the interviewer asks you if you want to ask anything. I have two main questions I always ask at the end of interviews 1. "What can I do to impress you in the first three months?" and 2. "What is the biggest challenge you think I will have coming into this role?" This makes you come across more interested in the role and ready to tackle whatever obstacles may end up coming your way if you start the job. If you can't think of anything, just ask about what the expected start date would be or how many rounds of interviews there will be? It's little things like this that could just pip you ahead of another candidate.

So those are my tips to ace a job interview, what I would say is just try and remain calm and if you don't understand what the interviewer is asking, ask them to repeat the question. I always try and think of it as a casual chat with a friend to try and make me feel more at ease.

What's your number one thing you like to do before a job interview? How do you prepare for an interview?
Let me know in the comments below.

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