Wednesday, 18 May 2016

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If you've ever met me or know me well, you will often see my iPhone attached to my hand constantly! I will admit it's a bad habit to have, but I do think it's quite a common thing nowadays and being a blogger I think makes the phone addiction ten times worse! You feel me?

I'm often asked what are you doing on your phone all the time? So I thought I would share my 6 favourite iPhone apps, that I use everyday!

First up Pinterest! I've become addicted to Pinterest lately and I think I can blame Emily from British Beauty Addict for this after spending our time in Center Parcs chatting about how good Pinterest can be for your blog. I'm often pinning braids, cakes I wish I could eat and amazing eye make up; which all end up wanting me to have a more "pin-worthy" lifestyle! However I am now starting to pin some interiors as I'm saving to move out towards the end of the year. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

Next is Buffer, this is super handy for scheduling tweets if you're always on the go. I love that you can just hit the rebuffer button and it will place the tweet in your queue to post at the designated time. You can only schedule ten tweets on the free version; however I only ever have ten scheduled tweets a day as otherwise I find my timeline is just shameless promo! It's also great as it picks select times that seem key in your timeline to publish the tweets.

Of course Snapchat is one of my favourite apps! I follow a whole range of bloggers, YouTubers, celebs and just my friends. This does mean that I am left with a lengthy amount of stories to check if I leave it too long, however this makes for great viewing to pass the time on my train to and from work each morning and evening. You can check who to follow on my 20 Snapchats You Should Follow post and you can follow me by adding lolamanola14

Instagram is probably my favourite app out of all of them! I'm a big fan of taking photos and always trying to get a theme going (however who has time to do that constantly?) I love posting photos from my latest blog posts as well as behind the scenes and just general day to day life things. I often have a little wander through the #bbloggers and like a lot of photos as well as finding new accounts to follow. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Now for a game, a game that has taken over my life and which I refuse to delete from my phone ever! The Kendall & Kylie game. You basically sent on a quest to reach stardom through social media posts and by doing events and vlogs, every bloggers dream right? I get super frustrated if I don't get at least three stars on an event and if that Aubrey Maddison shades me one more time!

Finally, there is the beloved Twitter! Here I rant my daily thoughts, to do lists (sorry, it's the only way I remember what I need to do) as well as share my love of gifs. Generally I am just complaining about the latest TV show I've been watching mostly though. I love how quickly you can interact with someone about the most random things and I feel like you can post 100 times without someone judging you like they would on Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter here!

What are your favourite apps? Which one do you use the most? Have you tried any of my favourite apps? Let me know your Snapchat names, Instagrams, Pinterest and Twitters in the comments!

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