Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Beauty | 5 Blemish Busting Products

Blemishes are unfortunately something that I suffer from still in my late-20s, so finding products that keep them at bay is always great. This are 5 products that I've found to be great at getting rid and keeping those pesky blemishes gone.

Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser
This is a great drugstore moisturiser that really fights off blemishes as well as hydrating for the skin. I've found any spots that I had brewing underneath would slowly reduce in size whilst using this moisturiser. It's a great find if your looking for something cheap to help get rid of blemishes.

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser
This is probably my holy grail product for getting rid of blemishes completely. It's made up of rose water, beeswax, almond oil and honey; meaning it's super soft on your skin as well having a fresh scent. The cleanser is also great at getting all your make up and dirt off your face as well as reducing redness that often flares up with blemishes.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Facial Mist Toner
Serozinc is well known for being a great product for anyone that suffers with blemishes. This is a toner mist that you can spray directly onto the face after cleansing and leave to soak into the skin. It's really refreshing and a product I tend to prefer to use during the warmer months. It's also great at reducing redness.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
This paired with Lush's Ultrabland is a dream blemish busting combo. Tea Tree is proven to be great at combating spots and it really does the trick. Sprayed onto a cotton pad or directly onto the face, you can really feel this product doing it's thing against your spots.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner
Since finding this gem it will be one of my forever repurchased skincare products. As it's an exfoliating toner it's a little tougher on the skin compared to Serozinc and Tea Tree Toner, it really get's into your pores and rids all that dirt and bacteria that is often the common cause of spots and blemishes.

What's your number one blemish busting product? Have you tried any of the 5 I've mentioned?
Let me know in the comments below.

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