Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lifestyle | The Rum Kitchen, Carnaby Street

At the end of each month my best girl friends and I have a little night out...
We each take it in turns to organise the night and there's no restrictions on what we do. So for my night at the end of January I decided to take us to a little restaurant just off Carnaby Street for some Jamaican delights at The Rum Kitchen.

The Rum Kitchen is located in Kingly Court, amongst all the twinkly lights and other restaurants and bars. The restaurant itself is very small, so I would advise making a reservation before going. The place itself has a really good feel and the decor makes it feel like a little shack off the beach in Jamaica.

Of course with it being Jamaican themed, the majority of the food is jerk spiced influenced. I went for the TRK Burger, however I did ask for the scotch bonnet mayo to be taken out because I can only handle so much spiciness. Along with a side of sweet potato fries to share this meal was super tasty. Of course some cocktails were had as well and being The Rum Kitchen, they were rum based. I went with the Rumbustion, which contained Kraken Rum, pineapple, coconut cream and orange bitters. It was a creamy delight and with it being happy hour and good three were had.

If your looking for somewhere a little different in London then I would highly recommend The Rum Kitchen, they also have another branch in Notting Hill.

Have you visited The Rum Kitchen? Is it on your must eat list for London?
Let me know in the comments.

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