Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lifestyle | IceBar London #BloggersBelowZero

Two weeks ago, on a windy Monday night after work I went on a little night out thanks to Lauren from LDN Meet Up & blog Blonde Vision and Tom from IceBar London; for #BloggersBelowZero.

When this invite appeared in my inbox towards the end of last year it was a definite yes from me to visit. I had always wanted to visit the IceBar here in London as I've previously been to the one in Amsterdam and wanted to see how it compared. It was also a great excuse to catch up with some of best blogging pals as well as make some new ones.

When we arrived at the venue itself we were given an ice breaker (pun intended) to get all us bloggers chatting to one another as well as a coloured wrist band that would divide us into groups, for when we actually went into the IceBar itself a little later on. We made our way down to the basement where we had our own private bar and seating area and were introduced to the marketing manager Tom; who gave us a brief overview of what the IceBar was as well as being quite inspiring and thankful to us bloggers. We enjoyed a few cocktails and chatted some more before it was time to finally head upstairs to the actual IceBar itself!

Cape placed on and well only one glove, as I actually got given two left gloves, we entered the Ice Bar for our 40 minute slot. It was literally breathtaking and I don't just mean from being in minus 5 temperatures; the detail in the carvings, to the seats and to the cocktails that come in glasses made from the ice; it was insane. We had another cocktail whilst in the IceBar that all fitted into the "Rock" theme that is currently taking place. Each year the ice is transformed into another theme and new cocktails thought up to go along with it.

Once the 40 minutes were up, it was back out into the warmth and back down to the other bar where I spent the rest of the night chatting away to other bloggers and sipping on cocktails. Big thanks to Lauren and Tom for organising the event.

If you are looking for something a little different to do if your visiting London or for a special occasion then I would highly recommend visiting the IceBar. The IceBar experience costs from £13.50 per person and includes a cocktail and thermal cape & gloves. There is also a restaurant, so you can definitely make more of a night of it with a meal or a few more drinks.

Have you visited IceBar London? Or have you visited any other of the IceBars globally? Is it on your must see list?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

Photos: Emily from British Beauty Addict

*This post contains a gifted experience, however all views and thoughts are my own.

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