Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Day 7 | Winter Skincare Saviours

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Winter can be hard on your skin & I'm not just talking about your face, I mean all over! With the wind battering away (as I write this Storm Desmond is going full force) your skin can really take a hit, making it dehydrated and looking dull.

These are all my Winter Skincare Saviours that I find helps my skin look its best during the winter months.

For keeping your hands silky smooth and hydrated, Lush Dream Cream is brilliant. It's all natural and self preserving, meaning it's great for extra sensitive skin. What makes this even great is that Dream Cream can be used all over your body also, so if you're having a spell of really dry skin this may help get rid.
If your wanting something with a bit of a scent, however, to moisturise your body; Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter is great. It's really hydrating and leaves your skin feeling really luscious; this pot also seems to last a really long time.

Face mask wise, Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is perfect for rehydrating your face overnight. This is ultimately the lazy girls face mask as you apply before bed and leave it on to sink in whilst you sleep; then waking up with a fully hydrated face.
From your face to your feet, Soap & Glory's Heel Genius keeps those footises fresh. I find that my feet are more dehydrated in the winter months from wearing tights and socks all the time. So this foot lotion is great for getting the moisture back in them.

For morning, The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream is the item of choice. It's really light and as the title says illuminating, which is perfect for winter as you still want your skin to look glowing.
Cleansing your face is an important step, especially for taking off all that Christmas party make up; the Eve Lom Cleanser is great for this. It's really luxurious and makes your face feel like it's having a treat; as well as it being super for getting all your make up off.
If you find yourself suffering from dry skin on your legs during the colder months, its great to give them an exfoliate. Zoella's Srubbing Me Softly is great for getting the dry patches that may have popped up off, ready to then moisturise and make your legs silk smooth.

What are your Winter Skincare Saviours? Have you tried any of my skincare saviours?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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