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#ThursdayTakeover | Carolanne From A Literary Cocktail

Each Thursday LLW will be bringing you a new guest post in the #ThursdayTakeover series! From bloggers of all ranges! Today is Carolanne from A Literary Cocktail.

Top 5 European Cities You Have to Visit

I love to travel, and I have a particular fondness for travelling within Europe.  

There’s something about the eclectic mix of history, culture and city life found in Europe that leaves me dreaming of my next trip before I’ve even come home.  

As it gets colder here in the UK, I get an even deeper desire to travel, and luckily I have some exciting trips lined up next year. If you’ve got a case of wanderlust and would like some inspiration, here’s a list of the top 5 European cities you have to visit. 

Paris, France

Ahh, Paris! My favourite city to visit. I’ve been fascinated with Paris since I was a child, and my adoration for the city was firmly cemented upon watching Moulin Rouge! It’s the idea of Paris that I love the most, the freedom of expression; writers sat around coffee shops discussing literature and philosophy. 

I finally visited Paris in 2013 with my fiancĂ© and it was everything that I’d dreamt it would be. The actual Moulin Rouge was pretty disappointing though, so I wouldn’t waste your money once you’ve had your photo taken outside. Two tickets cost us around £200 so it’s certainly not cheap either! 

Must do: The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Catacombs of Paris

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges really is a magical city, the swans swimming on the lakes and the medieval architecture really give you the impression you have stumbled into a fairy-tale. I had my most relaxing trip here; though there are lots of things to do, I was also happy just to walk around and stop for numerous pints of beer. Bruges is known for its beer and I highly recommend trying a Bruge Zot or two. 

Must do: The Historium, The Belfry, ALL of the pubs

London, England

I was lucky enough to live in London for four years while I worked and studied. London is full to the brim with things to do, whether you come for a weekend or for a lifetime. Walking down the River Thames is my favourite thing to do in London; it is always full of vibrant people and there’s always something going on. On the walk, I suggest popping into the Tate Modern for art like you’ve never seen before (and a surprising amount of male body parts). 

Must do: Walk down the River Thames, Tate Modern, The National History Museum

Dublin, Ireland

If you’re into your drinking, then Dublin is the place for you. The Guinness Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery are great fun for an adult day-out. I felt like I was in a boozed-up version of Willy Wonka’s factory. 

Dublin is a gorgeous metropolitan city full of things to do and I am keen to go back again soon. I recommend buying the City Pass as Dublin is a large city and sites like the Dublin Zoo are about a half hour drive away from the centre. 

Must do: The Guinness Storehouse, Old Jameson Distillery, National Wax Museum 

York, England

Being a Yorkshire girl myself I had to have a Northern city on the list! York is a peaceful city filled with cobbled streets and boutique shops. There’s also a lot of history in York, including being the birthplace of Guy Fawkes. 

For a family day out, York is perfect. The Castle Museum is fun and includes a very life-like Victorian street, and York Dungeons is excellent. 

Must do: The Castle Museum, York Dungeons, York Minster
Big thanks to Carolanne for sharing her top cities to visit in Europe. You can check out Carolanne in the following places:

Also due to recent events in Paris & Belgium please do check with The FCO in regards to safety etc before travelling.

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