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#ThursdayTakeover | Amy From AmyNoos

Each Thursday LLW will be bringing you a new guest post in the #ThursdayTakeover series! From bloggers of all ranges! Today is Amy from Amynoos.

Do you ever find yourself really struggling to be positive? I think that everyone at some point has had one of those days where you just can't seem to lift the cloud. Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel seems really far away. Here are 5 things that I do to help me to remain positive and to help myself  to remain happy. Being happy is really important, it can effect your health, it can effect those around you. Try some or all of these to see what works for you! 

1 -  Smile. 

Smiling is proven to reduce stress. Smiles are infectious. Smile at someone on the street. Smile at the cashier at the supermarket. Just smiling to yourself makes your day feel a bit brighter. If you don't feel like you have a reason to smile today, then think of a time in the past that made you smile. Think of a good day, or moment when you were really happy.
When you feel happy your brain sends a message to your body to release endorphins (these are the happy hormones) and signals are sent to your face muscles to make you smile. This is what is known as a positive feedback loop - brain feels happy = we smile. We smile = brain feels happy. Share the joy and smile, it will definitely make you feel good, but it might also spread the joy and make someone else feel good.

2 - Take some time out to figure out what makes you feel good and do it.

A certain amount of "don't care" attitude might be required for this one. Sometimes, especially when you are younger, doing things that you really enjoy might not always be the cool thing. I remember completely depriving myself of the colour pink between the ages of 10 and 15 just because it was too girly. I also remember the school book club (remember those?) coming around and buying a copy of the Casper movie book because I had been in love with Casper since I was a small child. Oh the laughs of my class mates when it was delivered. Horrible. I stopped these things, for a long time. I stopped doing anything that made me happy that might make someone laugh at me or judge me in some way. If something makes you feel good or happy (as long as you are not hurting anyone else, or it is not at the expense of anyone else) then don't stop doing it. It can be anything from wearing pink, to a sport, to going to have your hair done, to watching some terrible TV show. Literally anything (within reason), if it makes you feel good then do it.

3 - Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself.

I had a friend when I was a teenager who I realise now, really wasn't my friend. She called me names, she lied to other friends about hanging out with me, she put me down. It made me feel really terrible. I tried so hard to be her friend, and kept getting knocked back and belittled. One day I just suddenly realised that it wasn't worth my time. She wasn't my friend. Friends do not make each other feel bad about themselves. Friends do not treat each other like that. Do not waste your time on other peoples negativity. Do not waste your time and love on people that do not love you back. Friendship is a two way street and if you are not getting it back, call it a day. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, and be sure that you are a person that people have around because you make them feel good.

4 - Do something nice for someone else. 

Doing something nice for someone does actually make you feel pretty good. Giving someone a thoughtful gift is always rewarding. I love Christmas for this alone, the look on someone's face when they receive a gift is lovely. This doesn't have to be a grand, expensive gesture. It doesn't have to cost you any actual money either. Even just a simple thing like making someone a cup of tea or telling someone they look good today. Bringing someone else pleasure will make you feel good. Guaranteed.

5 - Always try to find the positive. 

This for me has become a bit of a mission in my life. I have always thought that things in life happen for a reason and must be there to teach us something. Try to look at the situation that is bothering you and see what you can draw from it. What can you learn from it and take away? Look back at your week, what have been the highlights? I like to reflect on any experiences and try to draw the positives from that situation. It is so easy to focus on the negatives, when we should be focussing on the positives. If we try to look for the positive, you find yourself making them.

Do you have anything else that you do to help you to feel better? How do you find positivity in your life?

Thanks to Amy for being the first guest blogger in the #ThursdayTakeover series. You can check out Amy's blog here! 
If you're wanting to take part in #ThursdayTakeover just drop me a email with your idea and we can get it arranged!

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