Monday, 7 September 2015

Travel | Down In New Orleans | Trek America Diary #7


New Orleans was a whirlwind of alcohol, food and getting my tarot cards read. With only two nights in NOLA we had to go hard or go home.

As we made our way to New Orleans from Panama (which I've left out because it was literally a drive day, set up camp & head out the next day) we stopped at Dr Wagner's Swamp Tour which was like literally being in The Princess & The Frog. I didn't imagine for a swamp to look pretty but it was actually quite mesmerising to see. We did see some of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina had left & it was crazy to think that there was still demolished buildings nearly ten years later.

Later that night we head out for dinner where of course I sampled some Jambalaya that was so tasty I was dreaming about it for days after. Then it was time to tear up Bourbon Street, we sampled some live music as well trying the infamous Hurricane and Hand Grenade cocktails; and after one of each it was easy to say I was quite merry. I don't think I made it back home until around 4am that night and I think at one point I was trying to convince Edie and Stacey that we should go to the casino.

The next day after a long lay in (which was very much needed) Emma, Natalie, Bianca and I decided to hit the shops. I did some damage in H&M where I picked up some more shorts because I obviously "needed" them (not). We grabbed some lunch then met up with Stacey and Rachel as we had decided to go to Jackson Square to see the Cathedral as well as get our tarot cards and palms read. I'm always a bit sceptical of things like tarot cards but I thought I might as well experience this in the place where it's famous for. I decided to have my cards read and asked for her to focus on work for me, as after giving up my job of five years I was wondering what was in store for me when I got back to the UK. Overall the reading was quite promising and did give me a little hope in regards to finding a job when I came home, whether or not any of it is true? Well only time will tell regarding that.

That evening we all went out for burgers at Yo Mama's, a place that Joelle had recommended to us to try; especially the infamous Peanut Butter Burger. I actually ordered said burger and honestly it has changed my burger game completely. Who would have thought peanut butter on a burger would taste so good? If I remember rightly they way I described it to everyone was "The weirdest yet tastiest thing I've ever eaten."
A few of us decided to have an early night and basically make the most of the last bed we would have until the 4th July (which was like 2 weeks away). We enjoyed having great wifi and Emma and I even watched Mean Girls in bed.

Have you been to NOLA? Would you like to visit there? 
Let me know in the comments below.

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