Monday, 10 August 2015

Travel | Raindrops Keep Falling | Trek America Diary #3

And so we make our way further south towards Charleston with a quick stop in South Carolina (however not much happened there as it was a long van drive from Washington). In Charleston we explored the town seeing all the amazing houses as well as the pedestrian market that was filled with candles, soapds and jewellery. It was so hot though that none of us could be bothered to move so we all ended up in a bar having a frozen cocktail before getting picked up .

We then headed towards camp where we could see dark clouds forming above us, all of a sudden phones started beeping a horrendous sound giving us a flash flood warning. Like enough we had a pavillion camping area so had planned to set up our tents under it. It was crazy to think that like 2 hours ago it was blazing hot and next thing we knew the sky had opened and we were in the midst of the biggest thunderstorm I had seen. We knew that any plans to go anywhere tonight where no off the table, this included a ghost tour of Charleston which I was so excited about. Meaning as the wifi was good a few of us girls sat up with my iPad watch The Kardashians. It was the weirdest thing to experience sitting in the middle of a campsite in the pouring rain watching The Kardashians.

Another early night happened due to the horrendous weather, however because of all the rain mine and Emma's tent had a visitor in the night called Fred the Frog! Yes we had a frog jumping around our tent! I had to search for something to catch him in as at one point he jumped on my forehead! Safe to say at like 2am in the pitch black that was fun! Finally went back to sleep, ready to enter out next state the following day, FLORIDA!!!

Have you ever camped in the rain? Did you love it or hate it?
Let me know in the comments below.

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