Monday, 3 August 2015

Travel | You're A Gladiator | Trek America Diary #2

Saturday we were up bright and early ready to meet all our other trek mates for the next 33 days! The excitement to see who our trek leader would be as well as finally finding out what all these people I've been speaking to online are actually like in real life.
Our trek leader was called Joelle and at first we were a little disappointed due to already having 11 girls in the group, we were all hoping for a bit of testosterone to even things out a little bit more. We soon grew to love Joelle and realise how lucky we were to have her as our leader when we met other groups on the road.

Paperwork completed, trailer loader, seats in the van picked and we were off heading towards Philadelphia,  a little pit stop on the way to Washington DC. The van journey was at this point exciting (something that changes by about day 8) and we were all chatting away, exchanging what we were excited about as well as little tid bits about ourselves.

Philly was a quick stop, we saw the famous Rocky stairs and sang eye of the tiger as we ran up them. Then a visit to The Liberty Bell before heading off to get a famous Philly Cheese Steak at Tony Lukes.

It was then onto our first campsite of the trip CherryHill KOA which was just outside Washington. Let's just say I felt like I was in Pretty Little Liars, we were in the middle of a forest, getting bitten to death as soon as the van door opened. We were shown by Joelle how to put up the tents, which we were told were brand new tents that Trek had started to roll out. I really  thought putting up the tent was going to be such a chore and difficult but these tents were so easy I couldn't believe it! After that it was a quick dip in the freezing pool before enjoying our first meal together in camp. Joelle kindly cooked for us that night to ease us in; chicken fajitas! We were then shown the famous white board where this broke down the next days itinerary for us of what we could do in Washington. From what I can remember we all seemed to go to bed semi early tonight, I think it was nerves of not really knowing each other that well yet along with jet lag.

Next morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed into Washington, America's Capital! There was included a bike tour of the city, but after my bad experience with bikes I decided to stay on two feet and explore the city.
All the main sights where seen, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The White House and I did feel like Olivia Pope (just without all the blood and secrets) However the time we had in Washington was way too long; we were sitting around for ages until it was time to meet for dinner & felt like this was a huge waste of the day.
We had our first meal out as a group, obligatory burgers and cocktails were had and we all headed back to camp to sit round the campfire and enjoy some drinks and smores!!

Have you been to Philly or Washington DC? What was you're favourite thing to see or do?
Let me know in the comments.

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