Monday, 24 August 2015

Travel | What Happens In Key West...| Trek America Diary #5

...will forever be embedded in my mind!

Key West was a place that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. I imagined spending the day on the beach and wondering the cute streets eating Key Lime Pie not dancing the night away on a bar in a real life Coyote Ugly, spending the day at sea doing water sports and also experiencing what I thought was a hurricane happening at 2am.

The start of the time in Key West for me wasn't the greatest, unfortunately I was hungover as well as having sunstroke! This meant I was officially the first (and only) person to throw up in the van at numerous points during the drive from Miami to Key West (which was around 6-7 hours.) This meant on my first night to cook for the gang I got sent to bed. I passed out at around 8pm after putting up the tent and having a shower and didn't wake up to the early hours of the morning when what I thought to be was a hurricane happening outside the tent! The lightening was so bright it was like someone lighting a match inside as well as the loudest wind I had ever heard. I thought at one point I was going to end up in the sea.

I woke up the next morning, feeling tonnes better and managed to finally drink and eat something. We were suppose to be heading out on a water sports day; however due to the storm during the night it wasn't safe for the boat to go out for the day. So we all headed to Denny's where I stuffed my face full of pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs (hey I hadn't eaten in well over 24 hours) and did a little sightseeing. The streets of Key West are so cute and really wished that I had taken my DSLR to get some photos of all the buildings. We headed to the most southern point of America and obviously took a group shot! We were then told that Joelle had managed to get us on a sunset cruise that evening in order to make up for the disaster of the morning. So we headed back towards camp and had a nap then got ready for the night.

The night was honestly one of the best nights out of the trip! We had free champagne and margaritas whilst the boat went out and we danced to band on the deck. It was such a great night and it had only just begun. Once the cruise was finished we headed towards the main street in Key West for a few drinks, we hit up Coyote Ugly where us girls danced on the bar as well as watching a guy get a dance from one of the bar maids. After that....well that stays between us on the trek!

The next morning the sun was out, meaning we could finally go on our water sports day! However I was not expecting to be taking a test when I got there. In order to be able to drive the jet skis we all had to take a test where we had to pass with 90% meaning that we ended up with a jet ski license making us legal to drive jet skis in the state of Florida. After that it was a day on the water paragliding, trampolines, snorkelling and jet skis! It was honestly so much fun and it really mad eup for my first crappy day in Key West.

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