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Lifestyle | Thoughts Whilst Watching PLL Finale


And so we all now know who A is! This is a run down what I thought whilst watching the Summer Finale fAce to face episode.

- Okay here we go...all my theories are about to be right!

- Like how are they running in heels? My feet would be crippled by now or I'd be bare foot
- Where's Tanner got to? Isn't this the moment she's been waiting for, catching A?
- I'd let A jump...Yes Hanna "What A Bitch!"

- Two can keep a secret, when one of them is dead...what a theme song!!
- Oh I'd forgotten about the Mums being trapped in the basement!
- Like when do you girls ever listen to what the cops tell you to do?
- See...told ya. Of you go following someone instead of staying still like you were told.
- Who is it...........MONA!!!

- I don't like that Sara Harvey, she seems so sneaky
- How the heck is Mona so tech savvy at 17/18?
- If Rhys is Charles I'll be....well I'll be pissed lets just say that
- What a goodie two shoes Sara is "I'll call Tanner"
- No Jason! Who did that to you?
- Right tell me how A is now...this is being dragged out way too long!

- This is creepy...creepy photos, creepy bed, creepy walls. Just creepy!
- Well I never liked Mr D anyway
- Hanna's make up is on point, she's defo my fave.
- That's the least of your problems why they're moving bags at night
- Come on just show me who A is!

- Why didn't Aria just say the police are here...
- You so shady Sara, of course you know the passcode
- What even is this cryptic lair? Like who even makes this things?
- I bet Sara shut the door
- I wanna touch the big red button!! How are they not touching it?

- What the heck? CeCe? Oh man...not impressed.
- I thought she was red coat with Ali?
- Not a fan of that creepy singing there Cece
- Hold up, yes Aria! Isn't Charles a boy? Totally lost now

- Creepy flashback time
- Yes see Charles is a boy...I'm even more confused.
- I'd love to have a bath right now
- How did he manage to lift Ali out of the cot?
- Whoops!!!
- Charles defo has that evil look in his eyes
- Yeah I'm not understanding any of this either Ali...

- Okay, yes, yellow top! That makes a tad bit more sense now.
- So that's the mysterious Bethany
- Bethany is creepy
- Toby's Mum!!!!
- Bethany pushed Mrs Cavanagh...oh and then the rascal blames it on Charles. Knew she was creepy!
- Actually where is Toby? And Caleb? And Erza?

- So am I meant to feel sorry for CeCe/Charles now? I'm confused!!
- Okay Charles did technically die...and now we have Charlotte!
- Red coat....this better be good!
- Oooo a bomb, that makes it a little exciting!
- I don't get how CeCe can get her yearbook photo taken if she doesn't go to school there...
- Erugh this has gone all kinds of wrong now! Dating your own brother when you're a guy technically

- How did CeCe get out of Radley to go on holiday with Jason to The Cape?
- Seem selfish is a family trait in the DiLaurentis'
- Oh Mr D is gonna work out CeCe is Charles....nope, clueless.
- So Bethany hit Ali with the rock?
- Oh nope that was CeCe
- I need to rewatch everything from the beginning again
- Mona killed Bethany? There's too many deaths and graves going on in Rosewood.

- Wilden would have made a good A
- Mrs D is a good liar - I mean pretending all that time not to know where Ali was?
- Rhys must be releated to the DiLaurentis cause he has defo got their genes.
- Crazy girl?? Spencer? Mona? Who?
- Mona....she does crazy good
- I think I'm gonna try and have my hair like Hanna's for the wedding in October

- Where's red coat got to? I really thought that was gonna be Aria!
- There she is..or he at this rate!
- WHAT!!! Sara Harvey is red coat...I knew she was a little sneak!

- Not a bad person CeCe? Hmmm let's just count all the people you've hurt or died cause of you.
- OMG I forgot about Black Widow...Sara...again!! Now that's a cop out...all those people in Rosewood and you choose Sara agan. Not happy here Marlene!
- Hold on where did CeCe find Sara to make her part of her game?
- Why the heck does Mona own heels like that?

- I need to know how this story ends as well!!!
- So who killed Mrs money is on Sara
- How did they get to Radley so quickly?
- Of course Spencer knows how to deactivate a bomb...cause you learn that all time at school!
- Yes you go Emily! Pow take that Sara!

- Ahhh CeCe jumped...oh no she didn't
- Game can't be! I have nothing to obsess over anymore!
- I still have so many questions

- Time jump
- Ah they all look so happy! Yay to going to college
- I love a Winnie the Pooh quote!
- Where's the parents at? Why aren't they waving them off to college as well...oh god the mums better still not be trapped in the basement!

- Who's coming?
- Who is he?
- Why did you come back for Ali?

- See a million more questions now Marlene, thanks!

And that's pretty much my running commentary on "gAme over Charles". I'm slightly dissapointed with who A is as well as red coat and black widow being Sara! However the ending really got me excited for the second half of season 6! From what I've seen on Twitter as well this seems to be the general response a lot of people just feeling "meh" about it! Hopefully next season answers a bit more of the questions I've still got!

What did you think of the season finale? Was A who you thought it was? Are you happy with who A is?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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