Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Lifestyle | 10 Things All Bloggers Do

1. Write millions of lists in about 5 different notepads. Cause if it's written down you'll have to do it & also cute stationary is just "goals"

2. We get easily influenced by the latest trends or hyped up products. You know that marble, copper and white everything phase...I'm still there!

3. You can always find procrastination in its best form by watching Netflix, I mean we need to know who A is? So you'll just re watch all 6 seasons of PLL looking for clues.

4. Bloglovin' is one of your top visited websites, I mean how else are you going to procrastinate but by reading other blogs? I call it research instead!

5. Convincing yourself to buy that item you don't really need because "hey I can write a post about it" or "that will look good in the background of photos" Hands up if your guilty of this one!

6. All packaging must be kept of beauty products until photographed. Cue a nice mound of boxes sitting somewhere months later.

7. Having to wait until a new beauty product is photographed before you can even use it! The struggle of this one is sometimes too hard.

8. You live in a constant cycle of refreshing Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Insta....etc. With your phone constantly stuck to your hand and everything being photographed.

9. Your bathroom smells like a Lush shop, because you've bought pretty much all the shop and then realised there's not baths or showers you can have to get through the never ending basket of bath bombs.

10. Having to hit up the latest raved about bar or restaurant. Shake Shack...Yes; Five Guys...Yes; Cahoots...not yet but is on my list!

This is just a light hearted list and all the things I'm guilty of 100%

Are you guilty of any of the 10 things bloggers do? What do you think is a blogger cliche?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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