Friday, 7 August 2015

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Since returning from America I have this massive pit in my stomach telling me I need more for my life. I'm currently sitting at my desk, at my 9-5 job thinking "I don't want this" I need more, I need to feel alive again like I did in those 5 weeks. I want ADVENTURE! Not that let's just go on a week away somewhere and get some sun, see some sights but I want to move somewhere that gets me excited every day and makes me want to live.

Feeling like this I knew would happen when I returned, and with turning 27 another year older; I feel like time is running away from me. There's pressure saying I should be saving up to buy a house, find a boyfriend and settle down is also making me feel like I want to run away. I feel like I'm 21 at heart but all this society pressure makes me feel like I shouldn't be craving adventure and that this feeling is just me running away from growing up. Maybe it is? I mean why would anyone want to be an adult it sucks most of the time (apart from the drinking alcohol.)

I can't decide what I want, but I do know I want to see more of the world. Do I book another Trek America, do I go on amazing city breaks, do I have a holiday to somewhere exotic or do I just bugger off somewhere forever! I feel like there is this constant battle in my head of what I want to, what I should do and what I'm expected to do.

There's mornings when I wake up and think "oh god I'm still here in Essex!" and others when I think "I just want my own place and a happy life." I feel like I'm in limbo with myself and I just want an adventure to keep me focused and looking forward instead of scrolling through all my America pictures wishing it was June again.

Hopefully in the next few months I'll have a clearer decision of what I would like to do but for now it's just that need at the pit of my stomach for something more.

Have you ever felt like this? What's your dream adventure?
Let me know in the comments.

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