Friday, 21 August 2015

Lifestyle | What's In My Festival Backpack

Sunday I'm heading off to V Festival for the day and thought I'd give you a glimpse at what I'm taking in my backpack.

The bag is from New Look at ASOS and cost £19.99. I love how this backpack is structured and you can really fit quite a lot in there. So what is in there? First up is deodrant, because with all that dancing around I'm sure to get a little sweaty, especially if it's a hot day (like it's meant to be.) This is the Sure Maximum Protection Clean Scent and is meant to give you the fullest sweat proof protection possible, so hopefully there will be no sweaty armpits around here!

Unfortunately toilets at festivals aren't the best, so my handy anti-bac from Bath & Body works in Pineapple Sorbet & packet of tissues are a must in my backpack. I hate not being able to feel clean after going to the toilet so the amazing scent of the anti-bac is great for helping you feel fresh and clean.

Make up wise, keeping it simple for top ups during the day by taking my MAC Heroine Lipstick and Soap & Glory's Solar Power. The colour of this lipstick is just amazing and is great for summer and with a quick swipe of solar power on my cheeks to keep them looking glowy and tanned through out the day is a must also!

My Primark sunnies are also coming with me, I've decided to bring a cheap pair incase anything happens to them that won't leave me heartbroken. And finally of course so I'm able to keep my mobile full of battery, meaning I'm able to take photos for Instagram and Snapchat the day, I'm bringing my EasyAcc portable charger. This charger is great and you can get at least 4 full iPhone chargers out of it meaning it's great for camping and festivals.

What would you pack in your festival backpack? Is there anything that you'd recommend for me to pack?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...
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