Sunday, 30 August 2015

Lifestyle | Weekly Top 5 #5

And it's the end of where did it go? It will soon be Christmas - yes I did just mention the C word!

So with that here's another weekly top 5 for you all.

1. Getting A New Job
This was the highlight of the week for me! After going for what felt like 100s of interviews last week for a job I thought I never would get. So after a dramatic resignation at my old job (we won't delve into that) I'm officially stepping into a career in recruitment! Recruitment is something I've always wanted to do since leaving university; however at the time I had no experience and the job market wasn't great, damn recession. But now I've managed to get myself a job; with a great company that really seems to have some good prospects for me. I start Tuesday and couldn't be more excited to take on this new challenge.

2. Seeing Paper Towns
I managed to drag some friends with me to go and see Paper Towns on Wednesday night. After reading the book I was super excited to see the film, especially as I love Cara Delevinge as well. The film was amazing and I loved the friendship between the three boys; I reckon this is very much along the lines of The Breakfast Club but for this generation of teens; all about find yourself and knowing who you are without sticking to the preconceptions other people give you.

3. Getting my roots done.
I'm finally back to being a full blonde with no roots showing, YAY! After not having them done since May time it's a huge relief to finally not seeing the dark roots at the top of my head and also has given me a huge confidence boost for starting my new job.

4. Seeing Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
I decided to treat my mum to an evening out last night as part of her birthday present. I come from an Irish family and both my mum and I grew up doing Irish dancing; I knew that she really wanted to see the show so after looking on I managed to bag tickets for a price that wouldn't break the bank balance. We went up early to Tottenham Court Road and grabbed some dinner at The Real Greek, before sitting down for the show. The show was amazing, the whole time I was sat forward counting the rhythms amazed at they were all so in time. The costumes were so glitzy as well and made me want to dig out all the glitter and just shove it on my face!

5. Signing up to #BloggersInvadeCentreParcs
Sunday evening I got a very exciting email from Lauren at LDN Meet Up about their next Blogger Holiday, however as I was at V Festival I thought nothing of it. Monday morning I re read the email and quickly sent a response saying I'd love to go if there was any spots left! A little later on I got a response saying I had got a space and that it was all mine. About 4 hours later a whatsapp group was formed and it's been keeping highly entertained all week! I can't wait to spend 4 days in Centre Parcs with these girls who all seem super friendly and of course we all have similar interests. Let's just say I'm counting the days down to March already.

Check out last week's Top 5.
What have you been up to this week? Have you seen Paper Towns? Or have you been to Centre Parcs before?
Let me know in the comments below.

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