Friday, 3 July 2015

Travel | Packing For 5 Weeks Away

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I can't believe by the time your reading this post I will be nearly finsihing my 5 week trip along the Sout Coast of America.

As I write this I have pretty much finished packing and I'm wishing the last few days away before boarding the plane. Let me tell you though, trying to pack for 5 weeks away covering all kinds of weather and activites is HARD!!! So I thought I would share with you all a few tips that I've discovered for packing for a trip like this or similar.

1. Only Pack As If Your Going Away For 10 Days
I know it's probably easy to think you've got enough clothes in your wardrobe to chuck in your case for the whole time; however lets be real! Your case will weigh too much for the plane limit and you will more than likely only wear what you feel comfortable in. Plan in your head that your going away for 10 days and decide on one day time/beach outfit and one evening outfit for each day. You'll more than likely be doing some washing whilst your away so don't panic that you'll run out of clean tops and that.

2. Pack As Many Knickers As You Can
This is just my personal thing but you can never pack too many pair of knickers. I've picked up around 4 packs of the 4 pack knickers from Primark just to make sure I'm taking around 30 pairs with me. I don't know why but I just think having more knickers than you need is a good thing, because you'll never know what will happen and when that extra pair will come in handy.

3. Packing Cubes Are Your Best Friend
These little packing cubes have made my life so much more organised in my case. I've got one for tops, one for shorts/jeans, one for bikinis, one for socks & one for bras. It just means that because of being on the move so much you'll be able to find that pair of shorts and top to match a lot quicker than having to throw everything out your case to find that top buried right at the bottom.

4. Write As Many Packing Lists As Possible
I love a good list & I know a lot of bloggers love a list too, I find writing down everything you need to pack makes it less stressful. You can then put this list next to you whilst you get everything out ready to pack in your case and cross it off as you go.

5. Don't Panic If You Forget Something
Chances are where you're going you'll be able to pick up what ever you've forgotten. If you keep thinking "Have I got this? Have I packed that?" you will just end up super stressed, thinking you have 99.9% left something at home. As long as you've got your passport, debit card and all those knickers you've packed you'll be fine!

What are your top tips for packing for a long holiday or travelling? Do you love or hate packing?
Let me know in the comments.

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