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The last month or so I've had to get super organised with LLW to make sure I still had content going up whilst being in America. As much as I would have loved to blogged whilst out there, I really wanted to step away from the laptop and enjoy my time overseas.

This has meant for a month before going I've had to start planning and creating content so I wouldn't end up getting super stressed regarding posts before I go away. I thought it would be good to share some of my tips for getting blog organised so you can enjoy your holiday without thinking about your blog 24/7.

1. Create A Spreadsheet.
This has been super helpful for me in staying on top of things. A spreadsheet detailing the name of the post, date its due to go live etc. I also put columns headed photos, edited, scheduled, tweets & facebook; meaning I can tick them all off as I go along. Nothing is better than seeing all those ticks on your spreadsheet.

2. Create Content About What's Happening With You Right Now.
You may have noticed that a lot of the blog posts on LLW this last month have been very travel heavy focused, well this is due to America inspiring me. I delved into every aspect of my trip from packing tips, my in flight beauty & my wishlist of products. Creating content that gets you excited means you can express yourself fully in the post instead of it being half hearted.

3. Don't Over Work Yourself.
If you feel like your struggling with keeping up with things, take a step back. Perhaps cut down a blog post a week, or introduce a guest post once a week. For whilst I've been in the US I decided to have a guest post every Monday whilst away to keep things ticking over and meaning I wasn't glued to my laptop before I left.

4. Write A List Of Everything You Need To Photograph.
This will make photo taking days so much easier and will also ensure you get everything you need photographed. It's better to see a list of all the products etc that you need to shoot in front of you before scrambling around looking for that eyeliner you meant to include & only realising when you come to write the post.

5. Schedule Everything!
All my blog posts have been set to schedule whilst I've been away; as well as scheduling tweets through Hootsuite and scheduling Facebook posts to go up on LLW Facebook page. This takes time, but is a good way to still promote your blog posts when you haven't got any wifi or you're too busy enjoying the sunshine and cocktails.

Importantly, this post is just my opinion and what I've found to help me in the last month or so with keeping content being published on here. Remember your blog is your blog, no one elses, you make the rules. I just thought I'd share this as a few people on Twitter have asked me how I stayed so organised and on top of my blog whilst being on the other side of the world right now.

How do you stay organised with your blog?
Let me know in the comments below.

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