Friday, 5 June 2015

Travel | Trek America Countdown #9

I'm currently sitting in Travelodge at Heathrow Terminal 5 in my pjs typing this up on my phone.
But whilst you're reading this I'll finally be wandering the streets of NEW YORK CITY!!!

I actually can't believe that it's finally Trek America day! My heart is pounding ten times it's usual rate and my stomach is doing flips at what the next 5 weeks will bring. 
I've heard people say that a trip like this is life changing and they make new friends for life! This is something I can't wait for, a chance to get out in the big wide world and explore it. 

It's been a whole ten months coming that have just whizzed by and it's still surreal that I'm actually getting on that plane in a few hours time. 

LLW wills still be posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday! Yes I got my act together and got all the posts scheduled for you whilst I'm stateside. 
I'll be blogging about Trek America when I get back as I don't want to be stuck behind technology 24/7 trying to get posts up. If you want to see what I'm getting up to when I'm away then give me a follow on snapchat - lolamanola14 - or Instagram - @lolaslittleblog

So that's it for now! I will see you all when I get back in 5 weeks!! 

Until Next Time...

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