Monday, 15 June 2015

Guest Post | How To Be Self-Confident (Even If You’re Not)

As I'm currently in America; I've asked a few people to guest post for me. Today is the lovely Beatrice from Mademoiselle Nomad

In a world where magazines and billboards show us what the perfect body looks like and society seems to dictate where we stand in relation with the rest of humankind, it might be easy to want to dig a hole and stay there forever. That said, the world needs you – after all, you were born for a purpose.

The purpose is to live fully and to step forward with confidence in the pursuit of turning your dreams into reality. Easier said than done, wouldn’t you think so?

Not so much because today, we bring you 5 simple ways to be self-confident in everyday life situations:

1. Stand tall
No matter what your height is, stand tall. This means shoulders back, eyes looking straight ahead in a fearless manner, chin up and chest open. By simply changing your posture that way, you will look – and feel – more confident. Having a great posture will also earn you respect from others effortlessly. The way you stand and carry yourself says a lot about you.

2. Smile
Audrey Hepburn said it best when she mentions how happiest girls are always the prettiest. With this quote in mind, wear a smile everywhere you go. Not only will it make you more approachable, you will also be more attractive because there will be a ray of happiness across your face. Smiling makes it easy to break the ice in social situations where you might feel somewhat shy or unsure what to say.

3. Use positive affirmations
You do not need to be a hippie or a monk to have some positive ‘mantras’ to help you get on with life. By cultivating a positive mindset, you will constantly be filtering your mind of bad thoughts. Thoughts that will otherwise bring you more harm than good because they drain you and suck out any kind of life-giving properties within you. Simply put, thinking of positive things will make you have a healthy outlook on life and enable you to appreciate what you have and who you are. For instance, replace “I don’t think I am good enough” by “I am myself and I am wonderful. I will make it.”

4. Start your day with a thankful heart
Each morning, before you even start to get ready for work, school or any other activity, count your blessings. There are many things to be grateful for if we only take a few minutes each day to appreciate the fact that we are alive, that we can breathe, that we have food on our plates and a roof over our head. Think of the friends and family you have that make your life worth living and be patient for the things that your heart is still waiting for. By
learning to be grateful, you’ll be more at peace and this peace will radiate on the outside. You will be less tense or anxious, therefore your whole body language will speak volumes to others around you about the kind of person you are. Nobody can resist being around someone who has an unshakeable inner peace.

5. Have a signature style
Beyond trends and what’s the hottest look currently, know what suits you and what makes you look amazingly beautiful. If you don’t like your flabby arms, by all means hit the gym and get them toned. However, there are certain things you can’t change about your body, for instance your height, the colour of your eyes, the size of your forehead, the shape of your face and so on. By having your own signature style, you will enhance your assets and wear clothes that are appropriate for you. The right fit, as opposed to what’s in right now. The colour that suits you best as opposed to the colour of the season. Outfits that will reveal your natural beauty and display you at your best.

Self-confidence is not unreachable and something only for the wealthiest or the prettiest. It is something that each of us can learn and cultivate and grow. The more you practice, you’ll get better at it and sooner than you realize, you’ll be walking confidently in every sphere of life and truly shine.

What are your top tips for being self confident? What holds you back from feeling confident?
Let us know in the comments.

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