Friday, 12 June 2015

Fashion | Flying OOTD

Now usually I would do an OOTD with me actually wearing the outfit; however this is a scheduled post for whilst I'm away meaning I didn't want to actually wear the stuff before going. Cause you know brand new trousers that I wanna keep brand new! So I give you a flatlay of my outfit for flying to New York.

Of course being that its a long afternoon/evening flight I want to be as comfy as possible; this means baggy trousers for me. These trousers are from New Look and they are super comfy! I love the tile print with the contrasting coral stripes down the sides. I'm pairing these with a black crepe material cowl neck top from Primark, which has quickly become my favourite top that I wear whenever I can (I also have it in white, that's how much I love it.)

As planes tend to get a bit chilly, I will be wearing my black H&M hoodie and H&M leather jacket to keep me warm. Shoes wise, well to save room in my suitcase I'm wearing a pair of my sandals. This trusty gold elastic pair are from New Look, last year. Of course I'm also bringing a pair of cosy socks to keep my feet warm once in the air; cause there's nothing worse than cold feet.

What's your go to outfit for flying? Are you airport chic or all about the comfort?
Let me know in the comments below.

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