Monday, 1 June 2015

Beauty | My In Flight Essentials

In 3 days time I'll be off on my American adventure! However I have a seven and half hour flight to tackle first of all!

Flying is something that I love to hate, I do get a bit jittery due to my anxiety and also because I get travel sickness sometimes. So on long haul flights I like to take some beauty products that make me feel at little bit more at ease as well as keeping me feeling fresh for when I land.

As my flight is in the afternoon I know around 8pm I'll be wanting to remove all the make up I've had on my face all day. So I'll be using the Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes to do this. Yes I know face wipes are considered the devil for beauty bloggers; but unfortunately the usual cleanse and tone routine wont be able to happen so many thousand feet in the air. I've also decided to bring the Clinque Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser to really hydrate my skin due to all the fake air on the plane as well as the Avene Thermal Water Spray to give my skin that extra bit of hydration as I tend to get extremely dehydrated skin whilst flying. I'm also bringing my EOS Coconut Lip Balm for my lips to keep them soft and kissable! (Well got to have them prepared for all the American boys)

Before landing I'll want to put a bit of face on, bearing in mind it will be 1.30am UK time (7.30pm NYC time.) This is just my personal preference! So I'll be putting on some of my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealor under my eyebags to brighten them up as I'll probably be looking like some kind of zombie. Then it will just be a tad bit of The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream for a little bit of colour and then a splash of the Maybelline Sensational mascara to give my lashes a bit of length.

I'm also planning on picking up a face mask for the plan just to while away the time as well as keep my skin really hydrated!

What are your beauty essentials whilst on the plane? Are you a make up on the plane kind girl? Or bare faced?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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