Monday, 25 May 2015

Lifestyle | I've Quit My Job...Now What?

Friday saw me leave my job of five years! It was a day filled with mixed emotions; I was ecstatic that it meant America is just round the corner, I was scared as it meant I'm now unemployed for hopefully only two months and I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my first proper job.

However I feel that now is the right time for me to say goodbye & take the next step in my life. My time at my old job was filled with great memories as well as bad ones personally; maybe one day I'll share those on here and how I dealt with it but for right now I finally feel at peace that door has closed and I can finally move forward.

So now what? Well obviously America is happening in 9 days time and after that, well I'm not sure right now! If I love the time I spend travelling then I intend to come back find a job for the rest of the year and save up to do some more travels Asia way. If I find that the travel bug inside of me has gone, then it will be try and find that job I've always wanted (right now I do not know what that is) and then start saving to finally move out.

At the moment I'm just all round excited and nervous about America that I can't even think really about what I will do when I get back. I have sat down though and worked out how much I can live on a month as well just giving my CV a tidy up, so I can start putting feelers out when I get back as I've got some contacts in recruitment.

But for now I'm looking forward to seeing where the next chapter of my life takes me and what it brings!

Have you ever quit your job with no plan? What's your dream job?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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