Monday, 11 May 2015

Lifestyle | 5 Things That Made Me Happy In April

I really enjoyed last month's post as it made me think about what things put a smile on my face throughout March, so I've decided to share with you all again 5 things that made me happy in April.

1. Seeing McBusted at The O2
Way back at the beginning of April some of the gang and I went to see our favourite manband McBusted. After enjoying last year so much we knew we had to go again; and we had such a good time! Lots of drinks, food, dancing and singing happened, all whilst pretending to play an air guitar.

2. The first BBQ of the year
My friends and I all had an impromptu get together one Saturday evening which we decided to light up the BBQ and get some drinks flowing. This really got us excited for the summer as we love a BBQ and just hanging out with each other.

3. Mexican Girls Night
For my friend Jenny's birthday we decided to have a little Mexican themed evening and all brought along a dish to eat. It was so nice and chilled and all the food was so yummy!

4. Going to Liverpool
At the end of April I took a little trip up to Liverpool for my friend Danielle's birthday. It was nice to get out of London/Essex for the weekend and see what sights and sounds Liverpool had to offer.

5. Watching my old Dance School's Show
I'm not sure if I mentioned on here before that my university degree is actually in Dance and I also used to teach at my local dance school for a few years before an injury meant I had to give it up. I went along this year to watch their annual show "Uptown Funk" and I really enjoyed myself. Everyone did so good and it was amazing to see girls who I used to teach come so far in their performance and technique.

And those are the things that really made me smile in April.

What made you really happy in April?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

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