Friday, 22 May 2015

Beauty | Rimmel Good To Glow


It's that time of year now when we all want the dewy, glowing, sun kissed look, that those supermodels seem to have on a daily basis. Yeah I'm looking at you Gigi Hadid & Karlie Kloss! But how oh how do you get this look on a budget, well this product from Rimmel seems to have answered your prayers.

Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter is a liquid highlighter that works perfectly mixed in with your foundation or buffed in over the top (which I tend to prefer to do, just to get the right amount of coverage & glow) This is in the shade Nottingham Hill Glow, and is a really light pink with a light highlight sheen. It's great for the subtle glow but you can also build it up across the cheekbone if you want that ultimate bronze goddess look. For under £5 this is a great dupe for NARS Copacabana highlighter, so would definitely recommend picking this up if you cant afford the likes of NARS at the moment.

Have you tried Rimmel's Good To Glow Highlighter? What's your favourite product to use for highlighting?
Let me know in the comments.

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