Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Beauty | 5 Eyeliners You Need

Eyeliner is something that is a must in my book for creating a completed look, I always feel naked with out a bit of eyeliner on! So it's safe to say my eyeliner collection is quite large now. I want to share 5 eyeliners that I think you need in your collection, well at least one of them anyway.
This eyeliner is perfect for creating winged/cat eye look. It has a really thin flexible nib as well as it being waterproof which means no smudging; especially now it's hay fever season! It's also really great as you can get the nib really close to the lash line meaning you can create a really neat line.
Gel eyeliner is always a bit touch and go for me; however this gel eyeliner from Hourglass is epic! The nib is so tiny that you can get right in there to create flicks and know that it's not going to budge what so ever! You can find out more about this eyeliner here.
Now if you're looking for an eyeliner that doesn't break the budget and creates amazing winged eyeliner, than this one from Collection is the greatest! I'm sure most of you have heard every blogger and their mother rave about how great this and I urge you if you've got £3 in your pocket and haven't tried this than pick it up now. I've been using this a lot as of late and just love the look it gives!
This a firm favourite pencil of mine that I find is great for applying along the waterline when you're wanting a more dramatic, smoky eye look. The kohl is really dark and gives great definition to the eye. What's even more great about this eyeliner is that on the other end it has a silver shade that is great for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes.
A great liquid eyeliner that does what it says on tin, its mega! It gives a really chunky line which is great for high drama looks. It's also pretty much smudge proof which is always a plus. The shape of the nib is great for getting in tight across the lid; as well as giving a great flick.
Have you tried any of the above eyeliners? Are you a liquid, gel or kohl fan? What's your top eyeliner?
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