Monday, 20 April 2015

Fashion | Specspost Sunglasses*

The sun is finally making an appearance, which means it's time to dig out my favourite fashion accessory; SUNGLASSES!
The world is a much clearer place when you've got your sunnies on, cause you can see of course!

The guys over at Specspost got in touch when they heard about me heading to America and needing some sunglasses for the trip and asked if I wanted to pick out some pairs. Of course I said yes!

Specspost are an online glasses company based in the UK who specialise in fashion/geek glasses, petite glasses and prescription sunglasses. With Specspost you can pick up to three pairs of glasses/sunglasses to try on (up to the value of £45 each.) They are then posted out to you to try on and get friends/family opinions of what looks best before making a decision, you then post back the glasses along with your payment and keep the pair that you've fallen head over heels with.

Hacienda Petite Clubmaster - £34.99

Baleares Clubmasters Present Tiesto Sunglasses - £29.99

Alexa Chung Style Retro Sunglasses - £30.00
I picked out three pairs that are all of similar styling, I find this shape of glasses suit me the best as I have quite a round face. After much umming and ahhing, looking in the mirror and asking a few friends; I decided that the Balares Clubmasters Present Tiesto Sunglasses were the ones that I loved the most and felt suited me the best.

I love the chic look they have being all black with the gold trim around the bottom of the lenses. They are also that classic RayBan style of look which I love but can't bear to part with the cash for; so this pair are a great alternative for me.

If you're needing a pair of sunglasses or even prescription glasses then check out Specspost, as they may have what you are looking for!

Which pair of sunglasses do you think suit me best? Have you tried Specspost?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

*The items in this post were sent to me to review, of course all opinions are true and would not be on LLW if I didn't think the product suited this blog.

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