Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Travel | Trek America Countdown #6

Wow! I now have 3 months left until I head off, I can't believe how quick it is coming it round and my list of things to get sorted before I go seems to be increasing by the second. Getting my phone unlocked, sorting out a hotel for Heathrow the night before, deciding on which simcard to get as well fifty billion other things. But I'll get there, once the trip is paid off next month I think my butt will finally get in gear to sort out all these other things.

So what has happened in the month of February to get me prepared and excited, not much to be honest as life has just been crazy hectic with other things happening. I did however manage to make a few essential purchases on Monday that I thought would be super useful.

Lucy Mecklenburgh Be Body Beautiful
Helping me on my quest to get fitter for America I decided to purchase Lucy Mecklenburgh's book as I've heard so much good stuff about it. Especially recipes for meals and smoothies. With my gym game now upped to 3-4 times a week, I feel that my diet needs a bigger kick to give me the results I'm wanting.

Waterproof Packing Cubes
My main worry is how the hell am I going to live out of a suitcase for 5 weeks, I can just about manage when I go V Festival and when I went to Thailand for 2 weeks. That's when I stumbled across this genius idea on Travel Sassy's blog. Packing cubes! These are going to be great for keeping tops, shorts, dresses separate; making it super easy to find items of clothing I'm wanting to wear as well as keeping my clean stuff away from my washing. They are also waterproof which is an extra bonus to stop my stuff getting damp!

LED Head Torch
This I've been told from various sources is a must for nights whilst camping. It means both my hands can be free whilst rummaging in my case for my pjs or cleanser; as well as lighting my way to the toilet if I need to walk far. Not really looking forward to that bit I must say.

Transcend 32 GB SD Memory Card
Now as you all know and have requested I will be vlogging and blogging about my trip! So I'm starting my collection of memory cards as I don't want anything to be missed. I currently work off a 16GB card and find that this stores so much video footage and photos, so decided to up the memory to 32 this time. I'll definitely be purchasing a few more memory cards before I go, just to be safe!

Two Port Car Charger
The only way to charge stuff whilst on the move so much is through a car charger so I decided to pick this one up as it has two ports in it meaning I can charge two things at once! I do have my EasyAcc Portable Charger also but obviously this will need charging now and again to keep the juice in my cameras, phone and iPad flowing.

As were starting to get closer to the date now, I want to hear from you guys what posts or videos you want to see on LLW regarding my trip before I go? So please let me know in the comments.

91 days left to go...

Until Next Time...

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