Friday, 27 March 2015

Lifestyle | 5 Things That Made Me Happy In March

The end of March is nearly here! Like where is this year going?? Not that I mind cause it means we are getting closer to America and my jam packed Summer!

So I thought I would give you a little glimpse into 5 things that have made me happy during March, so you can get to know me a little better and see what things bring a smile to my face!

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1. Celebrating Birthdays of some very close friends.
At the beginning of March a big party was thrown to celebrate two birthdays and the end of a dancing competition that I helped out with. It was a night to let our hair down and help Aimee and Nicola celebrate turning a year older. Safe to say the next day my head was a little worse for wear.

2. Pizza Prosecco Pamper PJ Party
As Emma and I are trying to save money for America, we decide it's probably best we had a night in. Queue our 4P's party! We made homemade pizzas, enjoyed a bottle or two of prosecco with our other friend Sam and Emma's sister Aimee; all whilst binge watching the latest series of Catfish. It was so nice just to chill and chat all things girly!

3. Paying off Trek America
Earlier today I paid the final balance of my trip to America!! After months of pouring my wages into paying bits off as well as saying no to different things I feel so relieved that it's all paid for! I haven't once had to ask someone to borrow money to pay off bits each month; which makes me proud! I paid for it all myself out of my hard earned wages and can't wait for the trip to happen now.

4. A little weekend away
As you're reading this I'm currently on the train to Wellingborough to spend the weekend with my bestie from work, Danielle. I can't wait just to get out of London/Essex for a bit and enjoy sometime away from the office with Danielle. We plan to go see Insurgent as well as getting a little bit merry tomorrow evening! It would be rude not to, as the drinks are apparently dirt cheap up there!

5. Having a wardrobe clear out
With America coming and some extra cash being helpful, I decided to have a massive wardrobe spring clean. I booked a day off work and was ruthless! Shoes from my days at uni were chucked as well as two massive bags of items to go on eBay/depop collected. Can someone let me know which is best to sell them on? I can now fit more things in my wardrobe, however at the moment no money is being spent on clothes due to getting more spends for America.

What made you happy in March? Would you like to see a post like this every month?
Let me know in the comments.

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