Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Travel | Trek America Countdown #5

Can you believe we are on countdown number 5 now? There is only 4 months to go until I head off my adventure and it can't come soon enough. When I started this series we had 8 months, so we are now half way through!! High fives all round.

This last month I've started to research into travel insurance and currency cards; as this is something I really want to sort out during February. Insurance for this trip has been a nightmare, I've been reading policy after policy and my brain is still frazzled. However after talking to Victoria and doing my own research; I've decided to go with Colombus Direct as they cover a lot of the activites I will be doing as well as covering what Trek America specfically ask for.

Currency card wise, I'm still on the hunt! However the reason for buying now is that I want to start putting some of my spending money on it, so I don't spend it! Let's face it as a blogger we all sometimes buy things we shouldn't; so by doing this I can't get my hands on those dollars.

I've also been writing lists...again! Lots and lots of lists. Things I need to do before I go, like unlock my phone, let my bank know I'm abroad for 5 weeks etc. Lists of things I need to get before leaving; quick dry towel, a head torch, an alarm clock etc. The lists seem never ending but they are the only way I stay organised regarding what I have and haven't got so far for the trek.

Emma and I have also been getting to know our travel buddies a lot more. We've been discussing things we want to see in NYC before the trek leaves as well as if people are buying sleeping bags when we get to The States or before. It's nice to have a little network of people who are feeling the same excitement and nerves as yourself.

One last thing that I've been doing is trying to figure out what I want to do when I come back. As the days creep closer to when I'll be offically unemployed, the more nervous I get about what I want to do when I come back. I'm currently learning towards taking a course in Leisure and Travel as this leads on from my current job and is something that I've discovered I have a big passion for. However this means saving even more money so I can afford the course when I get back.

So that's Trek America Countdown #5 done!
We're only 121 days away now...next month it will be double figures!!!

What type of posts do you want to see leading up to my trip?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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