Friday, 13 February 2015

Lifestyle | Starting My 2015 Project Life Scrapbook

So if you have seen my 2015 goals video, you will know that I had planned to start a Project Life scrapbook after seeing Lily Pebble's video about her's. Me & half the blogging community right?
Well I thought I would give you all a little look at how my scrapbook is coming along after one month as well as what bits and bobs I've got to make my scrapbook.

There's not much really to say about how I scrapbook at the moment because it's all a work in progress. I reckon as time goes on I'll work out how to be more creative with my presentation with it as well as remember the sleeves I have at the moment only hold landscape photos! What an error that was the other day when starting!

My scrapbook itself is the Project Life D Ring Binder in Black from the Midnight Edition, it's currently sold out on Hobbycraft, and I am using the Design C Page Protectors but I want to get the variety pack soon as I feel it needs a change up. I've also got the Project Life Summer Themed Cards to use as fillers as you can see next to photos or to write little memories etc on.

Other essentials I've gathered up are washi tape, I'm getting obsessed, roller glue, glittery sticky letters and some speech bubble post it notes. I'm slowly figuring out how to incorporate them into my scrapbooking.

The hardest thing at the moment is remembering to take photos! I know that sounds crazy being a blogger, but when I'm out with friends or family I sometimes forget to get my phone or camera out to snap the memories to make sure they are featured in my scrapbook. However I do know when I come back from my America trip that I will have a billion photos to print and other memorabilia to stick in it.

So that is my Project Life Scrapbook so far!

Are you trying to scrapbook this year? Have you got any tips? How are you trying to remember moments from 2015?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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