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Lately it seems that everyone within the blogging and YouTube community is just out to spread hate, from what I've seen. This stems back to some point last year when it seemed every was just bashing one another and criticising peoples actions and words. I've been toying with writing how I've felt about all of this for sometime now and as someone who is way beyond my teenage years I thought I'd share my views.

Spread more love than hate
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The reason for this post coming now, well Gabby from Velvetgh0st deactivation of her twitter account. Now I don't know all the ins and outs of what has happened, however I have spent time on that dreaded gossip website where every inch of her being and her recent time in hospital was dragged down and analysed in depth. People were even saying that they've googled the hospital logo and it matches a snapchat she sent; and this one shocked me even more, they rang the supposed hospital up to get information on why she was there.
Okay so she may have not told us the real reason she is in hospital and may have lied - but if this person angers you so much click that unfollow or unsubscribe button. It will make you feel better that you can't see this anymore if it really annoys you so much that you have to go and bash them down on social media.
Now while I don't agree with the way this has been handle on both ends, be it Gabby herself and other bloggers/fans. I do believe that all the tweets calling Gabby a liar etc will affect her, imagine if it was you? How would you feel? The fact that she's had to just remove herself from Twitter is just crazy, when you think about it this is the way that most of her videos are advertised by herself...poof gone! Just because some haters gave their two pence worth and pressed the wrong buttons.

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Also another thing that angered me lately, was the so called buying followers on Bloglovin' issue. I had seen a girl, who I actually used to follow on Twitter, call out people that she believed to have bought thousands of followers. Like seriously why even bother, the world is a cruel place and sometimes money does pay in this day and age. I get that you're angry that these people are jumping the gun and getting places quicker than you are, but so what? Take pride that you yourself are honest, because by you naming and shaming on Twitter it caused me to unfollow (a genuine follower) as you just came across as being a bitch who was out on witch hunt. (There goes 100 of my followers) I've seen blog posts from other bloggers I follow having to defend themselves because of this...I mean why should they have to if they've worked hard for what they've got. And if they paid for them, let them...the blogging world is too big today for everyone to make it to the top. So just have fun.

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Basically what I want to say in this post is stop hating on one another and focus on yourself. I'm not saying you're jealous or that you want revenge but just step back and think. "How will my words affect me and the person I say them to?" This will change peoples perspective of you completely as soon as you become that person bashing around hate and calling people out. My views on people who I thought were nice and genuine altered when I've seen certain things on Twitter or Instagram. However you don't see me throwing shade on them because of this, let others do them and you do you. You'll soon learn to see that just focusing on yourself and the positives will bring you more success. Share the love of other bloggers, engage with them and don't bash them. Spark healthy debate amongst each other, don't go guns blazing that your thought is right and right alone.
Hell I know people will have totally different views in regards to this post and my views, but they are more than entitled to them. Just don't hate on me because of my views and how I run my blog/personal life.

This is my life, my blog, my rules.
And as Taylor Swift says
"The haters gonna hate, hate, hate..."

What are you views on this hate campaign that seems to be happening of late? Do agree or disagree with my thoughts?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

P.S I felt like that girl from Mean Girls who wants bake a cake out of rainbows writing this!
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