Wednesday, 28 January 2015

YouTube | A Snapshot of Spain Vlog

I love the smell of new video day! Today's video may well be one of my favourites. It's a little vlog of my time in Spain from last weekend.

Now I didn't want this to be a typical vlog as I was seeing my Dad for the first time in ages; so I didn't think shoving the camera in his face at every possible moment would be fun. Instead I decided to show you all the little things I enjoy about Spain, the views, the lazy mornings and of course the sunshine.

If you've got problems watching the embedded video, click here! I've got some photos I took coming up on the blog on Friday so stay tuned for that.

Do you like this style of vlog? What's your favourite thing to do on holiday?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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