Monday, 12 January 2015

Lifestyle | Ideas For Nights In During January

January! It's one of the months I love to hate throughout the year. I love the fact it means a fresh start to the year, however because it's just after Christmas it means everyone is a little strapped for cash after all that extra spending.

This is the month when I tend to spend most of the weekends trapped indoors due to my finds being limited and even more so this year due to saving for America. So I thought today I would share with you my ideas for nights in that don't break the bank.

Pamper Night
Most of us, especially us beauty bloggers, have a stash of pamper goodies by the bucket load. Why not indulge yourself by having a face mask whilst giving yourself a manipedi. Also run yourself a massive bath and pop in one of those many Lush products you have overflowing in your bathroom. Put on some relaxing music and just take some time for you.

Throw A Pizza Party
Invite your best mates over and throw the best pizza party ever! No I don't mean phone up and spend £30 odd on Dominos pizza, I mean make your own. Get everyone to grab a pizza base from their local supermarket and bring their own toppings. Open a bottle of wine and get creative with your pizzas. Whilst your making your pizzas with your friends this makes for a great time to have a gossip and whatnot between you all.

Box Set Marathon Weekend
This is my ultimate favourite thing to do. Find a TV series on Netflix or amongst your own DVD collection, put on your comfiest PJs, snuggle up with your duvet and do not move until it is necessary. I highly reccommend Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is The New Black or Breaking Bad. You'll find yourself getting immersed in the show and okay you've wasted your weekend off work, but in the great company of Aria, Piper or Walter.

Wardrobe Clear Out & eBay It
Get rid of that dress that you haven't worn in three years but think you'll fit in again! I find nothing starts January better than clearing out your wardrobe from top to bottom, including your underwear (TMI?) Bag some up and give it to charity and bag some up and put it on eBay. I mean why not try and make some extra cash if you're feeling the pinch! Some out there may want that Topshop jumper that everyone went crazy for and you hardly wear anymore.

Cook Some Stuff Up
Raid those cupboards and the fridge to see what you can whip up. Be that some cupcakes or an amazing dinner for your family or friends. I love spending my evenings see what I can create with what food I have. It's also a great way to perhaps prepare some lunches that you can take to work with you over the coming week.

So those are my ideas for have a great night in on a budget throughout January.

Have you got any great ideas for nights in? What's your favourite money saving thing to do? Will you be trying out any of my suggestions?
Let me know in the comments.

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