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Lifestyle | 2014 Favourites

So we've had my 2014 Beauty Favourites, now it's time for my 2014 Lifestyle Favourites. This is going to be everything else that I've loved during 2014, so lets get stuck right in.

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Taylor Swift 1989
This album was no doubt my favourite album of the year! Yes even beating One Direction! There's not a week that doesn't go by where I haven't listened to the whole album. Every single song is amazing and just gets ingrained into your head completely. The fact that Taylor also seems to be a really humble girl, her Christmas Taylurking Gifts really showcased this, just makes me want to be her best mate.

Seeing One Direction & McBusted
In 2014 I got to see two of my all time favourite bands, as well as attending quite a few other concerts and festivals. One Direction I hadn't seen since they were babies on the X Factor tour way back, however in June my sister and I headed off to Wembley Stadium for the ultimate night out. Bopping and singing away just a mere 6 feet away from the boys. It was such an amazing concert especially as it was in the stadium.
I also went to see McBusted with my bestest chums in the whole wide world. This was just one the best evenings ever. Busted and McFly were my favourite bands as a teen so seeing them come together and perform was just even more bloody exciting. The fact that they have now brought an album as well as another tour next year is even more fantastic.

Weekend Away For My Birthday
In July I decided to celebrate getting closer to 30 by heading off to Newcastle for the weekend with my best girl friends. We headed up on what was the longest road trip ever but was super fun, blaring out some summer tunes and just having girl talk. The weekend was just non stop party and it was great as it felt like a mini holiday almost.

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Booking America
Way back in August I decided enough is enough and that I needed to finally do something I always dreamed of doing, a road trip around America. I bucked up and booked a trip with Trek America doing their Coast to Coast South tour. This was the start of me trying to place what I want to do with my life and deciding that taking a career break for a while is probably the best thing for me to do.

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2014 saw me finally get back to exercising. I joined a gym right by work which gave me no excuse not to go. My love of exercising finally came back after giving up dancing in 2012. I now enjoy attending a class and find that going on the weight machines isn't as daunting as what they may look like.

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Blogging & YouTube
Last year I really felt like I had finally found my blogging groove. I managed to get a firm schedule into place as well as improving my content and photos. My photos still have a long way to go before I'm completely happy with them but this is something I'm planning on working on this year. I also finally got into YouTube and my channel is slowly developing into something I'm really proud of. I've just ordered a tripod so I'm now hoping that the quality of videos will get even better as I hope to produce even more videos for you this year.

So that are all my non beauty favourites from 2014. What a year it was! However I am so excited for this year and all the plans I have in store to share with you guys.

What has been your favourite moment in 2014?
Let me know in the comments.

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