Saturday, 24 January 2015

Beauty | Soap & Glory Smolder Khol Eyeliners

Soap & Glory is a brand I've always loved! Their skincare, body range and make up tick all the right boxes for me! However I've not event tried half of what they have on offer; meaning when I say this set of eyeliners for half price in Boots after Christmas I couldn't resist.

The Smoulder Khol comes in 4 shades, Superblack, Aquabat, Cocoa Bean and Blue My Mind. These cover black, aqua green, brown and navy blue, meaning all your eyeliner needs are catered for.

Smoulder Khol boasts to be a waterproof eyeliner, which I'm not to certain about. Yes I don't get any smudging on the top of my eyelid, however I do find that it wears off quite easily. But it is a kohl pencil so what would you expect? All of the liners are great for creating a smoky smudge eye look as they are really blendable and easy to smudge. Would I buy them again? No, not really, they're great and do what they are meant to but I'm not wowed by them at all like other eyeliners I've used. But for £7 for all 4 I can't complain!

Have you tried Soap & Glory Smoulder Khol? What are your thoughts on the eyeliners?
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