Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Travel | Trek America Countdown #2

So today marks 7 months until my big trip! I've never been wishing my life away so much as what I am currently.

This month I've had to learn the hard way by saying no to a lot of social things, which truly upsets me as I hate to miss out hanging with my friends. However I know going for dinner nearly every weekend or a night out drinking isn't feasible anymore as I need to save those pennies towards my road trip as well as all the stuff I need to get before I go.

Talking of things I need to get before jetting off, I've decided to put together a wish list of all the things that I want to get before going. This is a mixture of tech stuff, practical everyday things and fashion lusts.

Victoria's Secret Travel Case - Roxy In The Clouds Suitcase - EasyAcc Portable Charger - Giraffe Travel Pillow - Nike Air Max Thea Army Navy & Atomic Pink

This is just a smidgen of what is on my list that seems to be always growing. The Victoria's Secret travel case will be great for putting my beauty and shower essentials in when I'm using the showers at campsites, it's also super girly which I just love!

I've asked for this suitcase for Christmas as I'm desperate for a new one and America seem slike the perfect excuse to get one, I love this Roxy one cause it's so bright meaning I'll know it's mine it also has two compartments so I can keep clean and dirty stuff seperate if I need to.

Being on the road most of the time means not always having access to power points for charging. This EasyAcc Portable charger has two points on it meaning I can charge two things at once, which will be great as I'll have my phone, ipad and cameras to charge.

This giraffe pillow will be well loved as I will need this for the flights and whilst in the van. I will be buying a proper pillow also when I get to America but this will be handy for having a snooze sitting up.

The trip itself has a lot of oppertunites for trekking, especially when we hit the national parks towards the end of the trip. I'm currently working hard in the gym to get myself in better shape for the treks but I also need new trainers that are still look nice but have great grip and are comfy for the long walks. This Nike Air Max Thea trainers are the ones, however everywhere seems to be completely sold out of them, meaning I may have to just get the black and white pair as they will go with all outfits.


And that's another month towards Trek America done! I can't believe that I'm now 7 months away from going and with Christmas now on the approach I just know it's going to whizz by (well fingers crossed it does)

Have you got any tips for me for my trip? Is there anything I should add to my list to get before going?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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