Monday, 24 November 2014

Beauty | The Red Lipstick Edit

A red lip used to fill me with dread, it instantly reminded me of my days as a dancer caking on a thick red lipstick before going on stage. Now a red lip for me is essential, get the right tone of colour and you're onto a winner. Especially now it's winter I find myself wearing a red lip more and more during the day rather than just at night.

I want to show you guys the red lipsticks I have in my lipstick stash and how they all differ in shades/tones.

MAC Viva Glam I - Make Up Revolution I Worked For It - Rimmel 111 Kiss of Life - Barry M 127 - Lush Cosmetics Powerful

As you can see all the reds in my collection vary in tone, from the pillar box red of Barry M's 127 to a more burgundy red of Make Up Revolution's I Worked For It. At the moment I've really been loving wearing MAC's Viva Glam as it has a matte finish and looks great when creating an ombre lip colour.

Lush Cosmetics' Poweful is also super hydrating and has a hint of gold in it, making it a great Christmas party lip colour.  Rimmel's Kiss of Life is that inbetween red colour, that I generally reach for when I'm wanting a not so bright pillar box red but still want to look amazing!

So those are all the red lipsticks currently in my collection.

What's your favourite red lip shade? Do you own any of the red lipsticks I have in my collection?
Let me know in the comments.

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